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GRA to charge people in creative industry dependent on ways of life

The Chief Revenue Officer of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Dominic Naab has revealed that people in the inventive business will be exhausted dependent on their ways of life.

He put forth the expression on Friday November 23 at the Accra Tourism Information Center amid a Tax Sensitization workshop.

As indicated by Mr. Naab, famous people everywhere throughout the world are exhausted dependent on their ways of life and a similar recipe will be connected here in Ghana.

"The GRA will make sure that people in the innovative expressions settle their government expense since they gain a considerable measure and live costly ways of life" he said.

He clarified that performing artists or people in the innovative business need to go to the workplaces of GRA and clarify for instance in the event that they are given endowments as a vehicle, a house or anything significant.

"We assess dependent on the costly vehicles the innovative individuals drive so the onus lies on them to disclose to us that the autos or the costly way of life are altogether supported by other individuals" he said.

Mr Naab's announcement did not run down with performing artists Martha Ankomah, Gloria Osei Sarfo, Beverly Afaglo, Bob Smith among other innovative people who were available at the workshop.

As indicated by Martha Ankomah, it isn't on the whole correct to be saddled on her way of life when she is being supported by other individuals.

"How would you know whether I leased the vehicle or the vehicle I am driving has a place with a companion? The way that I take pictures at a costly place doesn't mean I am carrying on with a costly way of life" she expressed.

For Bob Smith, the innovative expressions industry isn't dynamic enough to make good on regulatory expense. "A few of us have not shot films in a drawn-out period of time. So how would you anticipate that somebody like me will settle government obligation? I think more clarifications must be done" he said.

On-screen character Beverly Afaglo was of the view that the entire tax assessment process must be clarified well for the comprehension of each artiste or anybody in the inventive expressions.

"I for one can't help contradicting how GRA needs the inventive expressions individuals to make good on regulatory expense. A portion of the inventive individuals have well to do families who bolster them and GRA can't charge them since they live costly ways of life. Showing your costly way of life isn't sufficient to impose us" she expressed.

Rex Omar, Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) said on the off chance that the framework functions admirably somewhere else, inventive individuals should oblige. "Be that as it may, as it stands now, clarifications have not gone down well on why we should cover regulatory obligation".

Different people in the inventive business who went to the workshop were on-screen characters Adjetey Annang, Paa George, Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah, Van Vicker, Nana Ama McBrown, Gloria Osei Sarfo, motion picture maker Abdul Salam Mumuni among different identities.

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