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Man Caught Doing it to a Cow-See Where He Comes From

Man Caught Doing it to a Cow-See Where He Comes From
It has been reported that a man with a Bangladesh national in his late 30s was found doing the grimy deed with a year-old dairy animals. This man was gotten by the proprietor of the bovine when he went to keep an eye on his dairy cattle last Monday. The cows' proprietor gave over the circumstance to the experts after the episode occurred at 5,30pm.

It is said that the suspect, who works in a furniture industrial facility adjacent, has endeavored to do comparable unnatural acts to cows in the zone around a half year back however was let off with only a notice by the villagers.

The dairy cattle proprietor, Sukiman Ab Majid, 54 said that he was interested to perceive any reason why one of his cows was pushed over and had its legs tied by a unidentified man amid this daily schedule. He told NST, What stunned me next was that the suspect, wearing a shirt with his kain pelikat over his midriff, was endeavoring a nauseating demonstration with the cow."

Meanwhile, the Batu Pahat police boss, right hand Commissioner Din Ahmad said that the suspect is currently in care and has been remanded pending further examinations. Be that as it may, the suspect must be charged for trespassing on private property as he was not discovered having unnatural sex with the creature.

We'll hold up to perceive what truly happens to the suspects after this.

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