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'Smoking' elephant in India perplexes specialists

The elephant that smokes perplexes scientists and specialists as they wondered why.

'Smoking' elephant in India perplexes specialists
A video of a wild elephant in India smothering cinders has perplexed untamed life specialists around the globe.

Vinay Kumar, a researcher having a place with the Wildlife Conservation Society (India), taped the 48-second video amid a work outing to Nagarhole timberland in Karnataka state in April 2016.

He told the BBC that he had not discharged the video up to this point since he didn't "exactly understand its significance".

Researchers say they are as yet not clear why the elephant was blowing fiery remains.

"This is the primary known video-documentation of a wild elephant displaying such conduct, and this has researchers had specialists perplexed," an announcement issued by Wildlife Conservation Society (India) said.

'Ingesting charcoal'

Mr Kumar said he and his group were visiting the woodland promptly in the first part of the day to screen camera traps set up to catch pictures of tigers. He detected the female elephant scarcely 50m (164ft) away and started recording with his simple to use camera.

The elephant "seems to ingest charcoal" left by a controlled fire on the ground and "victory the fiery remains", as indicated by the announcement.

"What we saw that day nearly seemed like the elephant was smoking – she would draw up a trunk brimming with slag near her mouth and blow it out in a puff of smoke!" Mr Kumar said.

Elephant scholar Varun R Goswami, who has analyzed the video, trusts that "most presumably, the elephant was endeavoring to ingest wood charcoal, as she gave off an impression of being grabbing something from the consumed backwoods floor, overwhelming the cinder that joined it in her trunk, and devouring the rest".

"Charcoal has very much perceived poison restricting properties, and in spite of the fact that it might not have much dietary substance, wild creatures might be pulled in to it for this therapeutic esteem," he said.

"Charcoal can likewise fill in as a purgative, in this manner multiplying its utility for creatures that expend it after woods fires, lighting strikes, or controlled consumes."

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