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I'm allegic to broke guys -Kiki Marley

Kiki Marley (BLEWUTV)

Kiki Marley is a Rising Ghanaian female Artist, signed unto Rufftowns record owned, by retired Ghanaian musician Bullet.

Kiki Marley is noted for her crazy hairstyle and jeans. She's got songs like 3ma, gym, just to mention a few.

Ghanaians describe her as the perfect replacement for the late Ebony Reigns, because of her styles, tonality, and lyrical content in her kinds of music. She moves crowds when it comes to stage performances, the energy level on point with her dancing skills on the check.

The artist has taken social media with a comment she made whiles been interviewed. She said, "I'm expensive so I will never date a broke guy".

Ghanaian guys, in particular, trolled her social media for such a comment something, I know she regretted saying.

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