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Mango Farming a major source of income.


Mango grows on a wide range of soils it's not limited like the other fruit crops but research shows that the loamy and the Sandy soil are most suitable for commercial mango farming.

There are three varieties of mango in Ghana that are Mainly planted for commercial purposes, Keitt, Kent, and Palmer.

Mango farming can be a major source of income for Ghanaians because of the cost,  and labor. 

Steps in starting mango farming in Ghana.

1: get land, the soil should be loamy or Sandy because it is it's considered soil type, hat can develop the mangoes very fast. 

2: Startup capital, the cost involved in growing mango in Ghana according to research, should not be less than 1,000gh. This can change depending upon the acre the farmer wants.

3: Irrigation system. Mango farming only needs water within 2 to 3 days, knowing that you won't have to water your mango every day because its root access water underground can save your time and electricity bill.

How do I make money from mango farming?

A mango when cultivated can bring in a profit of 12,000gh, depending on its variety. Varieties like Kent and Palmer are highly purchased because they's take a long time to spoil. 

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