National Communication Authority is to be blamed for Kasoa money rituals brouhaha -Ghanaians | FUN, ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT

National Communication Authority is to be blamed for Kasoa money rituals brouhaha -Ghanaians


National communication Authority

National communication authority is the sole body mandated to implement laws directing Television and Radio stations on what to air, they also give licenses before a station operates legally and can revoke a station's licenses should there be misconduct or a breach in contract

Following the alleged death of a 10 years old boy who had been killed by some teenagers in Kasoa for money Rituals, Ghanaians think that the National communication authority is to be blamed. These are some reactions 

"The two kids who killed the 10-year-old boy in Kasoa were friends with the deceased boy. They come to the house of the boy to play and sometimes fed by the mother of the deceased boy"

They were friends, they eat together in my house”-Mother of the deceased boy, Madam Abdallah"

"The Kasoa 10-year-old boy ritual murder story committed by teenagers is so sad. 

It may remind many of what happened decades ago (80's) over a sad incident at Sewfi. When a nine-year-old was beheaded by his uncle for rituals thus, rattling Ghanaians for months. Amazing"

"When we allow TV stations to be showing  get rich schemes "Sikaduro" and you expect Kasoa children to be silent on it"

This country allows people to come on various TV stations, to advertise money rituals. Mallams and Pastors are on all social media platforms enticing people like the Kasoa kid to be lazy and want the easy way out. But we put our energy in, is who is, who has the most YouTube views.

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