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No Second Chance for Indecisive Men, Pretty Date Rush Lady Proves In Anger

He made a mistake and asked to turn on a Rush and that destroyed his reputation and spoilt his chance of having a date


As you might already be aware, “Date Rush” is the current love and relationship platform that gives people who are willing to get dated the platform to choose their partners either by keeping their “Rush” (the light in front of their pulpit) on, or turning their “Rush” off.

A gentle guy danced to the stage of the platform. He was charming and bold. His profile was played, and he talked about the things he liked. He liked football and others. When a decision was drawn, he had many of the ladies having their “Rushes” on for him, meaning they were interested in him. As his second profile was played, he talked about how her ex-lady cheated on him, but he forgave her. Her ex-lady rather began to suspect him, and they later broke up. Her friend, a lady also spoke about him, saying he likes ladies with dimples.  This time, when a decision was drawn, it was only one lady who had her lights on. The dimples had a great effect on them. “Giovanni”, the host convinced another lady, and she also turned on her light. Just after a heated argument began to ensue between Success, who claimed she was the reason for which the guy was still standing on stage, this guy made a weird proposal. He decided to switch a “Rush” on. This means that he does not wish to date any of the two. The two other ladies got annoyed and switched their “Rushes” off. That may be probably because the lady whose “Rush” he switched on has dimples. The lady she switched the “Rush” on for wasn’t encouraged by his behavior, claiming that that incident once happened and they were not willing for it to be repeated. This guy later claimed that he was not even interested in the lady whose “Rush” he switched on; he only did it to provoke a competition. He claimed it was Success his heart was actually beating for.

Success surprised him by saying that she was the one that made him to stand in the show for that long. He rather rejected her and went for a lady with dimples, and for that matter, she would never give him a second chance. The guy danced away with no date, but promised to return when an opportunity presents itself.

JOHN 3:16 (For God so loved You, that He Gave His Only Son for You, That Whosoever Believes in Him Would Have Everlasting Life. Take a moment and Believe)

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