Over 10 teenagers and children have gone missing this first quarter of 2021 | FUN, ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT

Over 10 teenagers and children have gone missing this first quarter of 2021

Missing Children

The rate at which people are missing nowadays is alarming. You can only imagine the feeling of their parents, relatives, and loved ones. It cuts across persons of all ages (children, teenagers, and adults). In some cases, people who go missing are found alive while in other cases, these people are found dead. It is unfortunate and heartbreaking to go out in search of a missing person only to find him/her murdered and dumped somewhere.

With the rising advertisements of ritual money making on the television, it is only fair to think that these missing people are been kidnapped, killed, and used for ritual money. The most recent incident which occurred at Kasoa has stunned everyone. Apparently, two teenagers killed a 10-year-old boy with the intention of using the body to gain ritual money. 

It was so sad. Some things are not right in this country. A nurse who has been posted this year has gone missing and she is yet to be found. An 8-year-old girl, Naina Yaaba Ekua Duncan, has also gone missing getting to the end of last month, March, in Kasoa. A fourteen years old Selina Akunsah who is a JHS student has also gone missing in Mbrom. The list goes on and on. 

I believe there are several cases of people who went missing but because they are not reported, so we do not get to know of those ones. Below are the pictures of people who have been reported to be missing;

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