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She was reported missing and she responded.


 Twitter is always buzzing with news every blessed day. Scrolling through Twitter to see the daily happenings, a southern African friend by the name "Ker Shap" has posted a picture of a girl who was reported missing.

From his screenshot from Facebook, the lady called (Monama) responded by commenting (people I'm coming home)  to a post on which she was pronounced missing, leaving social media in a state of "what"

What if she's been kidnapped and the perpetrator is using her phone to access her Facebook account. The perpetrator can also force her to throw such comments or Apparently, she was enjoying her life somewhere with his boyfriend.

Monama, as she's called has left home early in the morning on 20th March 2021 and yet to return home. 

Social media, Twitter to be precise is suggesting for the help of an IT expert to track her phone using her telephone number or chatting with her.

What's your take on this, well it's mind-blowing isn't it? Opinions are like noses, share yours below.

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