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Snails, the slow creatures that brings lot of money.


 Today, I will take my time to explain why every Ghanaian entrepreneur aiming to start something should invest in or rear snail.

Snail farming is the practice of raising edible land snails, mainly for human consumptions or commercial purposes.

Snails are slow creatures that bring a lot of profit when handled the right way.

To start snail farming, you should consider loamy soil, get a container put the species of snails you want to rear inside and make sure you expose it to moisture and air.

Get your snail ready during the rainy season preserve it with the methods listed above. It should be big it has to grow 30 to 40cm in length, you can get this desired length within 8 to 12 months. Feed your snail with much protein, consider Morning leaves for faster growth. One thing you have to know, the bigger the snail, the more money you make.

In terms of expenses, a snail is a low-risk business, in Ghana consider 300gh for the startup, take proper care of it within 8 to 12 months, you can make twice the startup capital.

These are few steps to consider when rearing or thinking of venturing into snail farming, the slow small creatures.

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