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Stop Eating inside a Polythene bag or else


Polythene bag

It is said that to be transformed means to be informed, healthy living is vital to every human being. In this article, I will explain the dangers of eating in a Polythene bag.

Most people are ignorant or careless of the health implications of eating inside a Polythene bag. Polythenes are made up of chemicals that can leach into the food especially oil or cooked foods which can easily dissolve such chemicals. 

When food is squeezed from the polythene bag into the mouth is likely to transfer particles that will eventually cause you harm. Eating from Polythene bag will cause stomach cancer, most pregnant women, or people whose immune system is impaired has to stop eating from Polythene.

People have to know that, Polythene bags are meant to protect the food before transferring it into a bowl.

Polythene bags are manufactured under the condition of 150 to 200 degrees Celsius and most foods have a heat of 70 Celsius because of this it will be hard for chemicals to be released into the food, but this does not give us the license to package our foods into a Polythene bag.

We have food-grade quality Polythene bags I advise street vendors to research and get those from manufacturers.

I hope you take this serious.


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