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Is the Man or the Woman the Gold Digger in this Video

Females have Joined the Game to Expose Male Gold Digger, But Who Actually is the Gold Digger in this Video

Is the man or woman the gold digger

I have watched several gold digger videos, and most of them are those of men exposing female gold diggers. 

Now, the females have also joined the game, and are keen on exposing the male. But based on the contents of this video, it is impossible to say who actually is the gold digger. Based on your perceptions, who do you think is.

This pretty lady asks this guy for some help in form of cash and hanging out someday, which the guy rejected outright. The guy saw her entering a Porsche car and he became interested in her, offering her his credit card which he has refused to give her earlier on. 

The girl used he credit card and told him he is a gold digger because he only offered to help after seeing the Porsche car. The guy lamented that he is not a gold digger since he is the one that gave out the cash. Who do you side with?

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