Lady Narrates how his friend who used to be woman1zer accepted Jesus Christ. | FUN, ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT

Lady Narrates how his friend who used to be woman1zer accepted Jesus Christ.


Lady Narrates how his friend who used to be woman1zer accepted Jesus Christ.

God has a plan for everybody he does what man sees impossible, he lifts us from grass to grace, his mercy endureth for ever. This story was shared by "Oderowho Precious Elohor" a Facebook girl about how his friend, Gabriel who used to be a womanizer turned from his evi1 ways and accepted Jesus Christ.

"I saw him praying profusely in fellowship. I was shocked to my marrow and surprised at the same time. If this is the same Gabriel I know, then I must be daydreaming.  


Gabriel was a n0torious student, a womaniz®r, a bully, and most of all like a persecutor. Then in school, anything that has to do with Scripture Union fellowships or Assembly prayers was not his thing. Several times, I heard him saying "you people will be calling God as if he cares, He had multiple girlfriends, was involved in so many fights, and assau1ted a lot of teachers. 

This same boy I know was in fellowship with a big bible, praying and paying critical attention to the Speaker. I almost got distracted watching him because I could penetrate through him to see how serious and open he was. 

I thought he was just a visitor who managed to enter the fellowship ground. Surprisingly, I see him in fellowship each time I attend. He's invited more people and he's even a worker. 

We spoke recently and I found out a lot of things I can't share. Come, who are you to conclude a man God has not yet written off.

This is not fiction! 

He's a "cu1tist" and so what?

She's a "prost|tute" and Yes, what happened?

I'm not here to support ev1l but never finish a story that just got started. We're all guilty of this even me.  Sometimes, we get annoyed and try to help God by poking our noses into a work-in-progress. I know a lot of people who didn't start so well but now, they're bringing more souls into the Kingdom.

You think this is a joking matter. Look into the story of these anointed men of God, Bishop Adeboye and Apostle Arome Osayi. Who would have thought? Even they wouldn't have thought. 

Don't conclude a man yet. You can talk about it but don't talk into a destiny God is purposely rearranging for his glory"

Source Facebook (Oderowho Precious Elohor).

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