Uncle Ebo Wyte Shares How God Prepared a Table Before His Enemy (Must Read) | FUN, ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT

Uncle Ebo Wyte Shares How God Prepared a Table Before His Enemy (Must Read)

My Former "Boss" Writes to Every Company To Dismiss Me Because I Was a Crock - Uncle Ebo Wyte

Uncle Ebo Wyte is a scriptwriter, stage performer, and CEO of Roverman production, a company that equips young talents to build upon their acting carer's.
Uncle Ebo Wyte is popular today, because of his well-drafted authentic script writings and stage performances.

Today he shared a story of how a man he had worked for sacked him because of false accusations, and how she continued to torment his life after seeking employment elsewhere, it's a story of grass to grace, from nothing to something.
"When I was dismissed from my job in 1991 under false charges, it was the auditor’s expertise and credibility that was used as the pretext for the dismissal.
This man from that point on hounded me. Any time he heard that I had been employed by a company, he wrote to the company to tell them to dismiss me because I was a crook. And each time, the company gave the letter to me to draft a reply for the manager to sign.

Then about 20 years after the dismissal, I was invited to be the special guest of honor at an event. Upon arrival, I was asked to wait briefly in the lobby for the other dignitaries so we move to the high table.
Then I saw this man arrive. When he saw me, he came to me and said, “Hey Ebo, what are you doing here?”
I said, “I am coming for this program.”
He said, “Well some of us received special invitations and they have reserved seats for us and so I am going to my reserved seat.”
And with that, he showed his invitation card to an usher and he was taken to a reserved seat on the front row.
Then the organizers came to me and said, “We are ready.”
We processed in a single file. There was the Executive Director of the organization; there was chairman for the function; there was a minister of state and there was me at the back with my hands behind me trying to contain my excitement at what effect this was going to have on this man.

And as we turned to walk in front of the front seats where he stood, I saw him smile and bow to each of the big men before me. Then he saw me and his mouth fell open and stayed that way till we all got to the high table. He is lucky there were no flies, he would have swallowed them all.
The Bible says, “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”
What are my enemies doing when I am at a banquet? They will not sit at the table with me. So what are they doing there? Answer: they are there to serve me!
Whenever someone moves against you, he brings himself under your power"

I know you are moved to change your mindset after reading this. You are not a failure, rejection should inspire to to do more.

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