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Coffins That Turn the Dead into a Tree-New Technology or Old

Do you wish to turn into a tree after you are dead? These Coffins could turn dead bodies into a tree.

Coffins that could turn the dead to trees

 Graveyards have now become stones and people are imagining what could become of the resting place of their relatives and loved ones in years to come, when new developmental projects are supposed to be carried out. 

In lieu of the fact that a place would be required to carry out projects in the future-about three hundred to five hundred years to come,  people of foresight have designed graveyards that could turn into trees after they loved ones are buried in it.

New technologies are rising in many fields and it is time we embrace new ways of doing things in this new era.

Not everyone would like to be cremated, and we can't stick to the traditional way of raising stones on the dead. For that matter, it would be expedient for everyone to embrace this new technology. 

But there is a question.  The question is how long this could last. That is not actually the problem,  but how many would embrace this. How would you feel to think that one day, your remains could mould into a tree?

Give your comments on what you think as you view these images. 

Tree coffins

Tree coffins

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