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The Art That Has Set Social Media on Fire

Art is unique, but this is more unique. Just check it out and see for yourself.


Art of the day

Art is bringing imagination to life and it is all about pushing the boundaries of our curiosity. 

For thousands of years, people have been using art to express their, feelings, and imagination. They confront problems and even teach new concepts. A young sculptor has been causing social media buzz with his thought-provoking sculptures.


He has done a number of sculptures including stools, snails, elephants, and many other interesting pieces of art. 

Some of his pieces have drawn fierce criticism from social media while some have been applauded as being genius.

 He is not the first artist to make sculptures that raise the eyebrows of society and in most cases, those artists who are legendary in the game have always been controversial.

 So in some sense, artists and publicity stunts can not be separated. 

What is your thought on this piece of art?

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