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Behind the Scenes of the One Million Dollars Delivered to Pastor's Daughter

Naa Dromo Korankye Ankrah

News broke out after the daughter of one of the respected pastors in Ghana had her white wedding. 

The wedding that was expected to be glamorous was actually glamorous and couple together with the guests were very happy. 

The wedding did not go viral because of the luxury attached to decorations, but some other peculiar things. 

Firstly,  it was what the Pastor's daughter,  Naa Dromo Ankrah did before hugging and doing the needful (as is expected of every groom and bride at every white wedding ) to her groom. 

Rumour had it, as it was also circulated on social media that she said a prayer in tongues with her bridesmaids before doing the needful on his lips.

What raised a bombshell was the alleged amount of money presented to the couples as a wedding gift. An amount of one million United States dollars was presented as a gift to the couple.

The Ghana Revenue Authority has since been on the couple to pay taxes out of that gift. The question is now on when Ghana Revenue Authority begin to take taxes on wedding gifts. 

However,  the father of Naa Dromo comes to clear the air that the gift was actually a dummy gift. It was simply an act of faith and not real money.

We wonder what the Ghana Revenue Authority would do on this exposure.

Do you think that the Ghana Revenue Authority has to demand taxes on gifts?

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