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Door to door Covid Vaccinations has Began and are You Ready for it

Door to door COVID 19 Vaccinations

A video circulating on social media is raising eyebrows as its focus is to get people vaccinated with the COVID 19 vaccine. 

COVID 19 has troubled the world, causing fear and death among many.  Many scientists have tried to find a cure to this canker,  but to no avail. 
Madagascar was the first country to come out with a medicine believed to cure COVID 19 namely COVID ORGANICS, but the World Health Organisation has debunked its claims, saying that the vaccine that was yet to be released would be the only remedy. 

Since then,  several doctors have come out to justify that a vaccine is not needed to deal with the coronavirus and the COVID 19 disease in general.  Some doctors have prescribed a type of chloroquine with other drugs to help deal with the disease.  

Unfortunately,  the World Health Organisation would not listen to any of their calls. They keep on preaching the Vaccine as the only remedy for COVID 19.

The Vaccine is being administered at vantage points all over the world,  but this time,  according to the video circulating on social media from a TIK TOK channel,  Vaccine administration personnel would now walk into the homes of people. 

One should not forget that there are several complaints of side effects from people who have already taken the vaccine.  Some countries have since banned the administration of some of the vaccines since they were suspected to be causing more harm than good. 

In this video,  notice is given to the citizens of Canada and the United states of America that door to door Vaccinations would begin, and that would begin especially in America with the coloured population and the Hispanics. 

Before the end of the video,  a Vaccine administrator was seen moving from house to house in the bid to administer the Vaccine,  but it seems the household members have locked their doors. 

Explanation was given that the vaccine was to be given from door to door in order to release the pressure on ICU, but  there is a question as to why it was supposed to be the coloured population and the Hispanics first. 

They have been encouraged to present their arms for it to be injected with needles. 
When it would reach your doorstep,  we cannot tell,  but share this to alert someone. 
Do you think this would be successful?

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