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Host Does the Unusual on Live TV with his Interviewee

Host does the unusual
The host of a Television programme did the unusual on live TV with his interviewee as he tries to prove her claims. 
The fight for fame and recognition in the entertainment industry has gone so high that a lot of people, especially upcoming artists and other upcoming celebrities are doing whatever they can to be recognized. 
A video that has gone viral has revealed a situation in which the host has to dive his hands to the unusual side of the upcoming musician to ascertain a fact. 
The lady claimed that she does not put on the under garment that no one would ever think a lady could do.
In order to confirm her assertion that she claimed to be a family tradition, she posed herself in this manner for the cameramen to check. 
Lady with unusual pose
The cameramen confirm that her assertion is true,  but the host would not take their words for it. She therefore agrees for the host to dive his hands and check things for himself. 
And this is the result of that agreement BELOW. 
Lady pose

Many cannot tell whatever was Making her yearn or cry at the top of her voice with her hands ready to either guide or stop the host. 

Well, it does not seem like she is ready to stop the host who is also very serious with his glasses to touch and watch.

All this come about as a result of question asked concerning what she has that others do not have. It seems this is the definition of the game for fame nowadays.

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