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Lady Caught Doing this New Cheating Trick in Exam Hall

Examination malpractices

A video has been circulating on social media involving a lady that has tried to cheat in an examination. 

No one can tell whether it was an act or it was really true, but the VIDEO seems to be ORIGINAL and not acted.

Ladies have the advantage of putting on weavons and other styles of hair. This makes them look different from what they really look like sometimes. 

In this video,  the lady took advantage of the weavon that she has on her head. She placed a phone under her weavon and attached a bluetooth earphone to it.

Examination malpractices

No one can tell how the invigilator got to know, but we can say that he has to be super smart to have detected her.

The invigilator went to her and slid the part of her hair covering her ears up. There was an earphone in her ears, but no phone was detected. 

Now, kindly watch the VIDEO to see how her whole strategy was detected. 

Whether this VIDEO is real or acted, as we truly believe that it is real, do educate your Ward and friends to eschew from examination malpractices .
This is the actual picture of the lady without her weavon. 
Lady in examination malpractice real picture

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