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Reflect on Some Dangers Faced By Census Officials During Counting with Video Evidence


Census Officials Dangers
Nothing is easy. Every work comes with its associated dangers. So do we believe is the case for the following Census officials who faced diverse challenges that could affect them greatly. 

Census activities that include the enumeration of houses and people in various households has recently begun and has nearly come to an end.

The two weeks program that was supposed to end this past Sunday saw an extension as some households are yet to be enumerated.

Although the activities are far from over, we would like to give you some highlights on the Dangers that some of the Census officials went through. 

This list is not exhaustive and does not include those who died through accident during the enumeration process. 

The first to consider is a gentleman and his friends that have to kill a very long snake while enumerating.

It is believed that the village they were going to was far from town, and so, they needed to pass through the bushes to get there. Only God knows what would have been their fate had they not killed the snake. 

The second is the video of the Census boss who suffers stroke during his address to the nation on live TV. What he went through was not seen, but from what he suffered,  many believed that he was fatigued. 

Lastly, the unfortunate happened to a Census official on motorbike yearning to reach his destination early. See how his motorcycle fell into a ditch. 
Only God knows how he would manage to reach home. 
Do you think that these officials need to be paid more than they have already been promised?

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