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Teachers and other Workers to Campaign Against TUC and Labour Unions

Teachers stand against TUC and Labour unions

Teaching is one of the oldest profession in the world at large. It has been rumoured in the age old adage that teachers reward lies in heaven. 

This adage is fading out of the system as teachers see the need for them to get a lions share of the National cake.

The Ghana National Association of Teachers has been set up sometime ago to fight for the rights of teachers. As time pass by,  another association called the National Association of Graduate Teachers came to light. 

All these groups arise as they try to fight for the rights of teachers,  deducting fees from teachers salaries to this effect.  Although these groups have emerged,  the plight of teachers do not seem to be met.

The Coalition of Concerned Teachers was a recent group that emerged with the intention of fighting for the rights of teachers. This group also thrived for sometime in their campaign,  and they currently have nothing to do than to stay behind the tails of their predecessors. 

Currently,  the increase in salary of teachers have been in the news for sometime now. Teachers are demanding an increase of more than ten percent rise in their salary,  but it seems they are only promised four percent and seven percent later.

The Teacher's leadership seem to have agreed to this, but it was chaos when the issue of the payment of the wives of the president and his vice came up. 

It seems a great lid has been pulled off the eyes of the teachers, and they are bent to fight for their rights.  
Today, a brochure circulating on social media reveals teachers intention to protest against the leadership of TUC and the Labour unions. 

They are calling on other workers to join their protest against the unions. 
What do you think would result from this?

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