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Agyemang Manu Still in Trouble after Refund

 The COVID 19 Vaccine issue concerning the Sputnik V Vaccine is far from over in Ghana.

Despite the fact that the money supposed to be used in purchasing the Vaccine has been refunded,  the case is not yet over.

Parliament of Ghana has launched a probe into the purchase of COVID 19 Sputnik Vaccine to ascertain whether or not the funds has been issued and used as it is supposed to be. 

The probe yielded a lot of positive results as the public was made to realise that the Vaccine is supposed to cost ten dollars instead of the nineteen dollars speculated. But that is far from over.

In the probe by parliament,  it was realised that the deal made to purchase the Vaccine was not made through parliament.  Although there are emergency procedures to be used in the procurement of items in times of emergency,  the health Minister does not adhere to those procedures. 

In the long run, the money was refunded, but Vitus is of the view that there are other people masterminding the deal who must be brought before parliament and criminal charges laid against them.

As for the health minister, his case is far from over since he has breached the procurement laws of Ghana,  deceived parliament and does not send the deal through parliament. 

Unfortunately,  the president has ever made a joke on the Vaccine deal and Vitus saw it as a lack of commitment towards the fight of corruption in Ghana. Corruption is eating into the system of Ghana and needed to be stopped.

Take a look at the pictures and video below. 


Agyemang Manu in fresh Troubles

Victus azeem


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