GNAT In Deep Troubles From Group

 The Ghana National Association of Teachers simply called GNAT is brewing fresh troubles as a group believed to be part of their members are placing a demand. 

Some members of GNAT do not seem to be satisfied with the manner in which the hierarchy is structured and so calls for a review. 


The group that calls itself General Voting Advocates in GNAT (GVAG) is calling for the amendment of the GNAT constitution to include voting rights for all members.  The group believes that amendment is better than forming another association. 

Over the years, two major groups have been formed out of GNAT on the basis of dissatisfaction.  GNAT was formed to fight for the cause of teachers,  however; as time passes by, a lot of its members feel GNAT is not doing their bidding. 

Two other associations like NAGRAT and CCT have already emerged from GNAT but it seems that the plight of teachers is still not met. In order to meet meet the needs of members,  GVAG thinks that the mode of choosing the leadership of GNAT must be looked into.

It has been a custom for delegates at various levels to participate in the voting for those who stand to be elected to various positions in the association.  The group thinks that that procedure is not the best, and needs to be amended. 

All that the group is seeking for is an amendment of the rules such that every member of GNAT would be able to vote for those they believe must rule them. Since top officials are voted for into power by a few delegates,  it is easy to influence them in certain ways. 



However, in order to influence the whole of GNAT members,  one would need to convince them with their hard work that is in the interest of the association. Without this,  one may not get the votes.

Also, the right to pass a vote of no confidence must be added to the constitution.  Members must have the right to call for the resignation of any dormant member and cast a vote of no confidence against him or her.

Recently,  the Labour Union and TUC has agreed on a 4% salary increase for all public sector workers while others dignitaries were given a 79% rise. It was only until the University Teachers call for action against the rise and other issues that the leadership of GNAT is making claims that government should review the salaries. 

The members of GNAT might have seen this and others as a lag on behalf  of the leadership of the association.  They believe that if all members are made to vote for a leader, that leader would seek the interest of the whole group before accepting negotiations in their name. 

The following platforms have been created by GVAG to welcome other GNAT members in support of the interest of GVAG. You can click the link to join the platforms below. 





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