April 2021



Psalms 64 - 66

And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the canker worm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. Joel 12 :25.


God's present agenda for now is restoration. All the testimonies we hear of missing items nd persons found are pfoof that the present desire and agenda of God is to restore what is missing. 

The Bible says if a thief is found, he shall pay back seven fold of all he has stolen. When restoration comes, you do not get back exactly what was taken, you get back seven times because God is a God of interest. He pays people interest on whatever is to be restored. 



That is why I know that, if they took one thing from you or your family, they will restore back seven things. The favour the Israelites got from the Egyptians was the arrears of their 430 years of hard labour, much more than ever imagined. When Abimelech by divine command restore Sarah, Abraham's wife whom he took, he did not just bring her back, but came with other valuable things. The Bible says, "And Abimelech took sheep, and oxen, and menservants, and womenservants, and gave them unto Abraham, and restored him Sarah his wife." Gen. 20 :14. 


He took one thing, but came back with several. That shall be your testimony henceforth! The Shunammite woman whose son Elisha restored back to life who left with her household to sojourn in the land of Philistines for seven years, recovered all she left behind at her return. The God of restoration intervened for her and she recovered all. Gehazi was giving an account of the great things Elisha had done using the woman's son as an example, and right behind at that very moment she walked in to demand for restoration thereby becoming a living witness of Gehazi's story. "And when the king asked the woman, she told him. 


So the king appointed unto her a certain officer, saying, Restore all that was hers, and all the fruits of the field since the day that she left the land, even until now." 2 Kings 8:6. What a restoration!


I pray for you, all you have lost in life shall be restored with additions.



My Father! My Father! As I begin to pray, all that I have  lost in life and destiny, be restore


Ghanaians are suffering because of Nana Addo - Gary Al- Smith.

Vibrant Ghanaian sports news presenter, talk show host, and commentator for Multimedia group, Joy FM has taken to social media to express his anger the rent increase in goods and services under the Akuffo-Addo's government. His tweet below;

"LP gas increasing tomorrow. Petrol increasing again for the 5th (or 6th?)  time this year. Electricity erratic. Water erratic.

Don't tell me it is OMCs or BOST or global whatever. Let's go back to the pre-2016 way of doing things. It is Nana Akufo-Addo's fault, please"

Ghanaians are suffering because of Nana Addo - Gary Al- Smith.

COVID 19 has caused a lot of damage to developing countries with a drastic increase in Data prices reviewed, fuel prices increased, taxes increased. Cement prices increased. No regular water supply means you get to buy more water. Irregular power supply. When will the salaries of the ordinary worker be increased to be able to cope with the rising cost of living?


Citizens are calling on the government to either decrease the price of services or increase there salaries to meet up the current unexpected increaments.


Should a woman propose to a man? - Nana Aba asks (SREENSHOT)

Nana Aba Anamoah is a sensational Ghanaian TV Presenter and a radio show host. 

The outspoken presenter, took to her official Twitter handle to post a question that got fans and followers expressing their views. Below was her question 

"Should a woman propose to a man?

Should a woman propose to a man? - Nana Aba asks (SREENSHOT)

In an African country like Ghana, it's not common for a woman to take that bold step as it's considered an act of been desperate and cheap.

Social media, the hub of diverse opinions has this to say

"I don't think it's a good idea because of our social setting and ancestral knowledge that has been passed unto us"

"Marriage arrangements vary across time and cultures. The Western tradition of a man on bended knee proposing marriage to his unsuspecting darling is a relatively new practice. In past times, and many cultures today, marriages were arranged by the parents of the bride and groom"

"Although the idea of a woman proposing to a man is slowly gaining acceptance, it is still considered the norm for the man to initiate a marriage proposal"


"A relationship is about trust, communication, and love. If you find these treats in your partner it's no longer about who takes the first step"

What do you make of this, kindly drop your comments below?

Gyakie is the first African woman to partner Spotify.

Rising Ghanaian female musician  Jackeline Acheampong known in the showbiz circle as Gyakie has raised the bar again.

The artist has been chosen by Spotify South for a partnership deal.

Spotify is one of the best digital music platforms that channels you to millions and billions of music's from creators all over the globe. You can build collections, of tunes and podcasts.

Gyakie's partnership means she is now widely exposed to larger audience, an impressive exposure for her. Below was her tweet on Twitter expressing her joy and gratitude to Spotify, fans, and Ghanaians;

“I am deeply honored to be the first African woman to be a partner with @Spotify @SpotifySA for Equal. This is huge for so many women across the continent and the entire globe.  P.S: We made it to Times Square "

Gyakie is the first African woman to partner Spotify.

"Gyakie Chan" fans can't help but congratulate their queen on her achievements so far in the music scene. Honoring her ancestors as well. 


It takes a serious approach to secure a glorious result.

Separate yourself from play boys and play girls and tell yourself, "I refuse to settle with you, I am an eagle, I refuse to be mistaken for a duck"

Life is a business, don't watch your destiny go bankrupt, begin to make adequate investment into your future.

Don't wake up and be walking around, don't be deceived you are young. People at the age of eight, sixteen ascended throne in Israel.

You are getting old. Wake up and stop having fun, three days can change your entire world of serious sitting down.

There is no where I am going that someone has not been there before, so help me to locate Lord, the mentors on my way that will monitor my steps to the throne.

There is nothing new under the sun, there is no calling on my life, that someone have not received before.. When you understand this, it will help you in reaching out effectively, committedly and dedicatedly.

As a growing up boy, when other boys were all on the street playing, I will match my way to the primary school during holidays and sit down there reading all kinds of literature to enhance my communication act because I know what ever thing you are going to do in this world, you will need to be able to communicate it effectively.

There is no free lunch in life, ignorance is a killer disease.

All we gather in school is literacy, we now apply the literacy in searching for relevant information in line with our calling. The real task is outside school.

Late Rotimi Williams was a legal legend, He had a dangerous sense of responsibility, that he was never found going up and down, here and there.

He was so focused on making mark in his practice and He became the custodian of the legal system of a whole nation because of an unusual commitment in the pursuit of his career.. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Why I give testimony of vibrant believers and men testimony in the circular system is to get you angry.

If someone that does not have an understanding of his covenant right could fly so high..why am I here? 

You are there were you are because you won't do what you should do.

It is well with your soul.


 Psalm 61 - 63

Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. Genesis 1 :28.


Everything God made available for man to live life gloriously on earth was commanded into existence by His Word including fruitfulness. And by virtue of redemption, you have been restored to your original state of fruitfulness. Nothing whatsoever is permitted to keep you barren anymore. You are to bring forth after your kind.


Child of God, I do not care to know what your experience had been. The Bible says in Isaiah 43 :18 - 19;  "Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; ..."

The two verses of scripture points to two different experiences. You have a choice to determine which will manifest in your life.


The first experience in verse 18 refers to the former experience which may be total barrenness, partial or even certain levels of fruitfulness. Listen; that it used to be, does not mean it should continue. If you want it changed, you have the power to stop it by yielding to what God instructs. He says remember not the former things so as not to hinder yourself from the new experience of exceeding fruitfulness He is bringing your way  as declared in verse 19. So behold the new thing, your expectation. In other words, see your desire, let it be your focus, your declaration and your actions, and it shall spring forth.


I see you fruitful on every side! It is your season.


My Father! My Father! As I begin to pray, every root of unfruitfulness in my life, die by fire. My fruitfulness emerge in every aspect of my life, in Jesus name.

American Rapper T-Pain Expose Your Favorite Celebs Who Comes to His Inbox For This Reason, Juliet Ibrahims Own Will Shock You.

Fayum Rasheed Najm known in showbiz as T-Pain is a professional American singer, rapper, record producer, and songwriter. 

His style of rap and contributions to Hip Hop rap has gained him a lot of recognition.


T-Pain seems to be one of those artists who do not take social media Instagram to be precise, seriously despite their massive followers.

American Rapper T-Pain Expose Your Favorite Celebs Who Comes to His Inbox For This Reason, Juliet Ibrahims Own Will Shock You.

American Rapper T-Pain Expose Your Favorite Celebs Who Comes to His Inbox For This Reason, Juliet Ibrahims Own Will Shock You.

American Rapper T-Pain Expose Your Favorite Celebs Who Comes to His Inbox For This Reason, Juliet Ibrahims Own Will Shock You.

This morning, the Grammy award-winning artist took a screenshot of all the messages he did not reply to or ignored rendering sincere apologies to all the celebrities.

He wrote" I swear, I'm just seeing all that's messages and mentions TODAY!! How do I super apologize? Press conference or Town hall meeting? I'm duπb. I was today's years old when I found out about the request folder on my Instagram that's full of celebs trying to reach me".

Among the celebs is Wendy Shay a Ghanaian singer with the message "Hello Pain, I'm Wendy Shay a big fan".

Ghanaian rapper Medikal sent "My idol I will be coming to the state in 2 months......

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim sent "Hey ya"

Social media is buzzing, but Wendy shay and Medikal are musicians so going to T- Paim  DM is normal. Maybe they want to have a collaborate with him. My problem now is Juliet Ibrahim.

Thanks for reading.

Ghanaians have a lazy attitude towards work - Shatta Michy (Read more)

 Diamond Michelle is a Ghanaian musician, businesswoman, and baby mama of self-acclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale. She's known in showbiz as Shatta Michy.


Michy, after her breakup with the dancehall king, has ventured into business permanently. 

She took to her Facebook page to complain about the lazy attitude of Ghanaians towards work. Not only that, after a while they begin to dupe or steal money from you. Below was her statement

"One of our biggest complaints in this country is ‘Unemployment’ but after employing several people, I’ve noticed it’s just our attitude towards work. We promise to deliver & then begin to loath after a while. 

Always remember that there are opportunities in every corner around us. It isn’t work that makes u tired, it’s your mental attitude.

Train your mind to see the good in every situation. A positive attitude leads to positive outcomes"

Our mental attitude towards work, according to her had to be worked upon. 

Thanks for reading.

God's word: Handle you Weakness

   Psalms 4 & 6

Wherefore seeing we also are compasses about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us. Hebrews 12 :1.


Achan and Gehazi's love for material things did not just start the day they were judged. They must have been picking little-little things, doing shady deals, manipulating figures, doing kick-backs, acquiring things at the expense of their master thinking they are smart. Unknown to them, there is a day of judgment; Achan got stoned while Gehazi acquired leprosy. That shall not be your portion!


How to Handle That Weakness


1. Admit There Is A Weakness: Admitting you have a weakness creates a platform for you to seek help.


2. Handle It On The Alter Of Prayer: By strength shall no man prevail, cry for the help of the Holy Spirit to overcome that weakness. He will quicken you against it. Never relent in your prayer.


3. Be A Lover Of The Word (Psa. 119 :9 - 11): When God's word fills you, it takes over you.


4. Put Measures In Place To Discipline Yourself: From time to time, evaluate your ability to keep to that measure, it will help you improve.


5. Listen To Your Conscience: Any man that has the Spirit of God in Him has an active conscience. To be drowned in that weakness is to have a seared conscience.


6. Watch Your Association: Your friends should be friends whose areas of strength should challenge you out of that weakness.


7. Open Up To Your Prophet: Your prophet is over you to channel the course of your destiny.


I pray for you, you shall overcome that weakness.


My Father! My Father! As I begin to pray, every weakness in me, I overcome you by fire.


Revelation 19 & 20.       

Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence? Psalms 139 :7.


David asked a rhetorical question in our anchor because there is no place worth fleeing to than dwelling in God's presence. When you dwell in God's presence, you become intimate with Him and when you are intimate with Him, you carry His presence. And you cannot carry His presence and lack His goodness. God showers His blessings on you and make you His showpiece.



Intimacy with God gives you access to the ways of God. Gof reveals His higher ways to you which make you enjoy victory over life challenges. You are divinely guided and you are not a victim of circumstances or satanic devices. You are protected. You have access to insights and revelations and as such, you do exploit enjoying grace and favour on every side.


To maintain and sustain your intimacy with God, you must do the things that please God. Jesus said, "And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him." John 8 :29.


I see your life taking a new shape as you become intimate with God.




My Father! My Father! As I begin to pray, the desire to be intimate with God keep burning in me.

It is well with your soul.

Sarkodie is set to purchase his second mansion within a year - Criss Waddle replied

 Michael Owusu Addo known as Sarkodie is a professional Ghanaian rapper, singer, and philanthropist.

His latest hit "NoFugazy" released from his upcoming studio album "No Pressure" is causing a major wave in the industry.


Sarkodie is considered to be one of the richest artists in the Arts and Entertainment industry. Ghanaian rapper turned Entrepreneur Criss waddle posted his well-furnished mansion on Twitter, believed to be up for sell and Sarkodie asked for the price. Criss Waddle with joy hailed his colleague rapper for trying to buy his second mansion from him within a year.

Sarkodie replied the tweet "I'm buying one"  Criss Waddle wrote " OH! my God, now you are buying houses like Nike shoes, this will be your second purchase mansion from me within a year"

Sarkodie is set to purchase his second mansion within a year - Criss Waddle replied

Well, it might be an advertising strategy, some say Sarkodie is poor. Social media has their way of analyzing stuff we pray Sark buys the mansion and show it to us online for proper confirmation.

I dont work with idi0ts - Criss Waddle, giving fans the only secret to success

 Ghanaian rapper, singer, and entrepreneur Christopher Waddle known in showbiz as Criss Waddle has accomplished something huge in life.

Waddle had been off the music scene for a while, venturing into Estate management and building. From the look of things, life in the business sector is good.

This month, he showed fans and followers his luxurious and well-decorated mansion instituted at Tema community 25, it's said, a thousand journey begins with just a step.

Waddle took to his official Twitter account to praise his decorators, masons, painters, for their passion and zeal they put in accomplishing this project.

"It’s Has obviously been a gradual growth for me and the people around me, imagine where I would have been if my circle was full of idi0ts"

Well, id0its will definitely take this lightly, community 25 is the location. The mansion will be officially opened soon for business.

Residents of Kpone troop to Sunon Asogli power Ltd to beg for water.


 Residents of Kpone troop to Sunon Asogli power Ltd to beg for water over prolonged water shortage.

Shortage of water has over the year been one of Ghana's biggest challenges, especially for people in Urban areas like Tema and Accra.

With efforts from the government to curb this virus, enough was not done.

Kpone is located in the Greater Region of Ghana. Tema, it's been three months of water shortage for the residents.

 they had to walk from gutter to gutter just to get water for their domestic purposes, with protest and appeals to government officials, the angry and disturbed residents with their bucket's and "gallons" walked to "Asogoli" a suburb of Tema where the water company is located to plead for their assistance ones more. Meanwhile, the minister and the water company are yet to give us any report on their efforts to provide water.

The water problem is considered around the world as a health challenge nearly 1million plus people die each year due to water, sanitation, and hygiene-related issues.

Please Forgive Me - Nana Agraada Asks For  Forgiveness

 Following the m3der of the 11-years old boy at Kasoa in March, parents, citizens descend on the National Communication authority for not revoking the license of f3tish priests who comes live on TV, claiming they can make you reach within a seconds.

 The protest of citizen's got them to act by closing down 46 Tv stations including that of "Nana Agrada'

Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng, formerly Nana Agradaa, is asking for forgiveness because she has "repented".

So, what about her many victims whom she allegedly duped through her 'Sika Gari',  we're playing in this country. 

Looking at it from another angle,  she has accepted Jesus, she's now a new being. She has assumed a new name and she's now new in Christ. She's not bound to her past so the victims should give it to God.

 She also asked Ghanaians to remember her in prayers, so she can Stand strong and fight

"Remember me in your prayers if you can because it won't hurt you"


Anyone in Christ is a New Creation - Evangelist Patricia Oduru Koranteng

Popular Ghanaian f3tish priest Nana Agrada claimed she has accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal savior, now an evangelist with her new name "Evangelist Patricia Oduru Koranteng". Bible says for anyone in Christ is a new creation old things are passed away behold new things have come. Following her claim of being an evangelist, Ghanaians on social media, Twitter to be precise has this to say;

"We don't care if you are an Evangelist or not, what we want is justice. You can't pay those you scammed you turn Eve"

"After taking people's gold and a cash she's here saying what? We play in this country"

"This woman has made up her mind to spend people's money no matter what. Welcome to Ghana, evangelism has upgraded, now all we need is police arrest"

" This woman said, the day her shrine will be empty is the day she will quit juju and start preaching. This is pure propaganda. Because of the possible legal action against her, she wants to pretend to have changed. This is pure devil tactics. No one should be deceived.


Declare these prayers for financial breakthroughs

Scripture says for God rejoices in the prosperity of his children. Money, according to scripture is the root of all evil. Money is not evil but the love of it.

May you develop  love for the things of God more than Money. Declare these prayers.

1: Lord grant me the knowledge and understanding to increase every finance you give me.

2: Lord, give my destiny helpers no rest until they find and push me.

3: Lord I command the Angels of Finance to locate, direct me on the right path.

4: Lord makes me a magnet for resources.

5: Lord I pray and attract the right and genuine investors into my business.

6: prosperity is my name, wealth is my name in the mighty name of Jesus.

7: Lord, let your holy spirit rule my heart to love you more than the things you give me.

I provoke reactions everywhere I go because greater is he that is in me, than he that is in the world. Lord, I pray you to open the eyes of my understanding.

It is well with my soul in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Manifest is now n underground rapper - social media (Read more)

 Sensational Ghanaian rapper and singer Tsatsu is known in showbiz as M.anifest has got people talking about his recent interview hosted by Kwadzo Sheldon.

M.anifest has over the years proven to be consistent in the industry with his flow and groundbreaking lyrical contents.

Social Media has descended on the popular content creator and social media influencer Kwadzo Sheldon for wearing a sheet brand from dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale. M.anifest according to sources drove to Sheldon's studio, an act many considered to be, below his pay grade or status in the entertainment industry.

The artist who is set to release another track called "confusion" has got all things to promote this track to the core. 

Some belief, his act was just a sign of humility nothing else nothing more. Bible says humble yourself before the Lord and you shall be lifted.

Please if you find this article interesting kindly share and comment for more interesting news.

Yemi Alade and Mzvee Are Set to Get us Another Banger.

Nigerian Afropop and Afrobeat artist Yemi Eberechi Alade known in showbiz as Yemi Alade has landed safely in Ghana with her Ghanaian sister Mzvee for yet another banger.

Yemi Alade and Mzvee have been consistent in terms of delivery and hit songs. The last time they linked together, they gave us a banger titled "Come and see my mother"


The Lynx Entertainment signee (Mzvee) has announced her upcoming project (Album) which she's busily working on.

From far, we can only say the artist is about to hit the studio or produce a music video.

Mzvee's "inveencible" album has artists featured on like Medikal, Kelvin Boy, Sarkodie, Efya, Falz, Mugeez, and NavyKenzoo. 

You can pre-order all these tracks on all digital platforms.

She featured in the earlier seasons of Date Rush and came back in season five of the just-started season of Date Rush. In the earlier versions, she made what she was looking for very clear. She made it known that her taste of a man is above those that would offer a taxi and okada. 


Since the statement of her preference and her choice of man, she has been in the earlier seasons till the end of the seasons. She is yet to find a date and is still on the search for that perfect date. She is a nurse by profession and has ever worked in the Ridge hospital as she has revealed on the show.


When Giovanni asked her about his preference for a man at the moment, she stated categorically that men are not reaching out for her. She explained that it could be as a result of the preferences she has made. She confessed that she has changed her preferences and could even go for an Okada level of date.


What do you think about this?



  Psalm.40 -  42 

 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. Romans 8 :37 


Child of God, you are not just a conqueror but more than a conqueror. Why? You may ask. It is because a conqueror's victory is dependent on his personal strength and abilities. He engages in battles and prevails with his might and power. His is a battle in flesh. But for you, your victory and status has been decided by the victory of the cross. 



When Jesus prevailed, you also prevailed in Him over all including the devil and his cohorts, and it is that victory that you are walking in. So every fight is already decided in your  favour. You are not fighting an unpredictable fight; you are fighting a fight of faith to enforce the victory of the cross. You are fighting to maintain your new creational status on Christ. So when confrontations comes before you, do not view of from the stand point of a mere man or size it as a carnal man would because that would result in struggling. 


But when you view it with the eyes of the spirit as a redeemed child of God should, from the stand point of where you dwell in victory in Christ Jesus, you enjoy cheaply the victory already wroth for you. That victory come to play in that situation.

Jesus speaking "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world" John 16:33. Also scripture says, "Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you,than he that is in the world" 1 John 4 :4; When you fully comprehend this truth and abreast yourself with the details of you are more than conqueror status in every aspect of life, confrontations of life will become your stepping stone to greatness.

I pray for you, no more defeat due to ignorance in your life.



My Father! My Father! As I begin to pray now, I shall operate as a more than conqueror henceforth. No more struggling.

If you are a Christian and you are not sure you will go to Heaven, please read this.


If you are reading this, I pray that may the Lord Jesus Christ grant you the revelation in the knowledge of him, open the portals of your understanding in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth


Let me make this clear to every believer reading this. It's not God's plan or will for anybody to go to hell. Hell was created for the devil and his squad. They know their time will come, that was why the mad man who was possessed with "legions" at the cemetery of "Gadara" saw Jesus, he said, Have you come to destroy us before our TIME.

It's very simple, if you have accepted or declared Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior, baptized, you have been saved. Meaning your name is written in the book of Life.

Because according to scripture, 

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Romans 10:9 (KJV)

But if you have not confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord, please confess these prayers aloud: Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I'm a sinner, I ask for your forgiveness. Please cleanse me with your blood because I believe you died and rose because of me. I want to trust and follow you for the rest of my life. Thank you Jesus for saving me. Amen.

Please if you've prayed this prayer, I want you to know you are born again and your name is written in the book of life. I plead you get a Bible-believing church to attend in other to grow in the faith. May the Lord strengthen you.

Becca Gifts her Guest Pay Money to "Talented Kids" Winner

 Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong known in showbiz as Becca is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter, and actress. Becca is one of the most consistent female singers in the country with her continuous delivery of hits. 


Becca has been trending on social media the whole day. The talented kid is a yearly program organized by media gurus (Media general) to help young kids between the ages of 5 to 9years of age, showcase their God-given talents either in singing, Djaying, comedy, Acting, or poetry just to mention a few.

This year's final was epic with heart-touching performances from all the contestants. This year's winner was Akwaada Nyame. 

Becca who was invited as a guest artist for the program was touched by his stage performance, the lyrical content in the music as she allegedly gave her pay as a guest artist to the young boy (Akwaada Nyame). 

Becca, with this act of generosity, has received maximum respect from fans and loved ones at large.

Natalie Fort Calls GHone TV Home, Social Media Reacts

Talented Ghanaian News Anchor Natalie Fort, who resigned from Media general (TV3) has landed home safely. Following her resignation opinions were expressed as to where her next destination will be. But to the shock of many industry players, this morning. EIB Network, on their official Twitter handle, welcomed her with the hashtag, Welcome Natalie. Natalie replying to this tweet said "It's good to be home"  social media as usual has something to say, below are a few tweets.

"Why settle, when you can be the best you and live your best life. That’s why you are a star"

"Nana Aba out there doing massive signings for GHone, Chelsea’s Marina Granovskaia must be shaking right now"

"GHOne TV assembling the "Galáticos" in the media space. No doubt, Nana Aba is the Florentino Pérez of GH media. Glad to see Natalie Fort back on the screens"

"I like the way Na Aba and Francis Abban have carried GHONE so far. Amid their crisis, these two did hold the pillars for GH One and made it stand again. They are real gems. God bless their hard work"


"Dear Na Aba I want to express my excitement of Natalie's entry into EIB in acknowledging your passion, zeal, and desire to see EIB triumph in the media space. I cannot wait to see the outcome. May that secret prayers come to be answered.   


  Psa. 49 - 51.

And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness. 

2 Peter 1 :5 - 6.

Patience is a necessary virtue if we must actualize God's purpose for our lives; but sad to say several believers have not come to understand the importance of patience in their walk with God.

Many think patience is a wasting time, a time of delay or means slow accomplishment so they end up complaining in that period, thereby giving the devil room to afflict them. Due to ignorance of the virtue of patience, several training period of God to mature His people have been translated to wasting time or affliction because the people lack an understanding of divine timing.

The bible says in Hebrews 6 :12;  "That ye be notified slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises". There is a divine timing for everything in life. "To everything in life, there is a time and season Eccl. 3 :1. Babes in the kingdom may not understand this, but Sons do. If the children of Israel understood timing the thirty years of affliction would have  been avoided. 

They would have only exercised patience 400 years which is divine timing and kicked the enemy out after that.


My Father! My Father! As I begin to pray now, give me an understanding of divine timing, so that patience can have its work in me, in Jesus name.

God's Word: You Are More Than a Conqueror

 Psa. 43 - 45.    

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. Romans 8 :37.

 One major reason why believers struggle in the battle of life despite Christ has made them more than a conqueror is due to lack of knowledge.

Never allow the devil to deceive you away from the studying of the word of God claiming you are busy with other things that may seem right before men. It is the word of God that will build you up and put in your mouth the truth that will destroy every lie of the devil contending with your true status of more than a conqueror.



Listen, when Isaiah 53 :4 - 5; lives in you, symptoms of sicknesses cannot survive in you, how much more the very sickness itself. Learn from the life of Jesus. 

When the devil tempted him in the wilderness, He responded with "it is written" at every stage. He knew what the word of God says about every issue. He was not deficient in the word at any moment and the devil left him alone.


Now you are a more than a conqueror shall be revealed in every aspect of your life. Go forth and manifest!


My Father! My Father! As I begin to pray, my status as a more than conqueror, be revealed in every aspect of life, in Jesus name..

Sam Jonah talks about the return of the culture of silence,is he bitter? - Social Media reacts to his letter

 Sam Essom Jonah is a Ghanaian businessman, the current Vice Chancellor for the university of cape-coast.

The chancellor in an open letter is the news for criticizing the administrations and the current state of the government.

Below are some social media reactions

 "Sam Jonah dragged everyone, the president, the judiciary, legislature, media, and even citizens. I appreciate that he chose to express his fear and disgust about the state of affairs publicly"

"Honestly I don’t see anything new with what Sam Jonah said. Ghanaians for a long time have expressed such sentiments but only a little is being done. We have lived with a deteriorating system and everyone is an accomplice and a victim. We know our problems but the solver"

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"Sir Sam Jonah also talks about the return of the culture of silence. Is he "bitter"? Is he an "Akufo-Addo hater"? Or the return of the dark days is a reality we must confront with deal with"

"We are borrowing huge sums of money for our children and grandchildren to pay yet we are not seeing realistic strategies that assure us of our capacity to pay back. How are the 30-year, 40-year bonds going to be paid"

Kwesi Arthur is the best rapper after Sarkodie - Social media reacts

 Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur Junior known in showbiz as Kwesi Arthur or son of Jacob. Is a professional Ghanaian rapper and singer from Tema in the Greater Region of Ghana.

Kwesi Arthur catapulte to fame in 2018, his trends from that time increase every day, with his amazing and lyrically coded words, fans and music lovers can't get enough of him.

Kwesi Arthur comes, gives fans a banger, and then lives the scene for a while, many considered this act as disrespect to fans who share and stream his music on digital platforms.


Kwesi Arthur is working on his upcoming Album titled 360, an album fans are opting to win the Grammy.

Meanwhile, the artist has dropped a new single from his yet-to-be-released album called "Zombie". The beats and delivery has got fans hailing him as the second rapper to Sarkodie.

Zombie is on YouTube, Boomplay and other digital platforms help stream share to support a brother. Together we stand, divided we fall. Ground-up "Chale"

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King of Northern Music Maccasio is Set Thrill You With Another Banger

 Sherif Abdul Majeed known in showbiz as Maccasio is a professional Hip hop, Afro-pop, Hiplife artist, and an entrepreneur from the northern part of Ghana.

Maccasio is referred to as the King of Northern music, his endless jams and hits got him nominations in both VGMA (Vodafone Ghana music awards) and 3Music awards respectively. Some songs include one nation one people, for the money" Rap Kingkong, "Yala Yala" just to mention a few.

The artist's stage performances can not be underrated with his enthusiasm and lyrical content as well. He, singlehandedly filled the whole Tamale sports stadium a record in the history of Northern music.


He has been silenced all this year's with fans and music lovers demanding something new from him, yesterday he took to his official Facebook page to announce the release of something new. Below is a caption 

"All things happen when the time is right.  Time is the master. New music coming. 

Fans can't wait to have a taste of yet another Northern banger.

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Stonebwoy is set to celebrate one year Anniversary for his "Anlogah Junction Album" click for details

 Ghanaian entertainer and President of Bhim (Bless his imperial majesty)Nation global Livingstone Satekla Etsey known in showbiz as Stonebwoy has something special for fans and party lovers.


Stonebwoy is one of the renowned musicians in the country, putting the map of Ghana on international platforms.

It's exactly a year since the release of his album "Anlogah Junction" amid pandemic. The album has made it to the world billboard chart, reached the highest peak on iTunes with it winning the "album of the year' at the just ended "3music awards"

"Anlogah Junction" tracklists were the most streamed album on bomplay. 

The artist has announced May 1st to Mark the celebration of his album.

'Stonebwoy will be Celebrating the First Anniversary of his “Anloga Junction” Album on the 1st Of May 2021 at Bayview Village Madina.

Stonebwoy is set to celebrate one year Anniversary for his "Anlogah Junction Album" click for details

the album, released on this day in 2020, has scored over 100millions streams on all digital stores. Reggae Dancehall Prime.


Stonebwoy's impact in the music industry is huge, his passion for raising and promoting young entertainers is appreciated by all.  he has pushed a lot of ghetto boys from Ashiaman (his hood) into the market.

Okada" man arrested for r3ping a teen.

 My daughter is six years old and is in grade one. We live about a kilometer away from school so every day "okada" man whom we are familiar with takes her to school and returns her home in the afternoon because both my husband and I are working and we leave home early, just after she goes to school.

One day when I was at work I received a call from her class teacher requesting me to avail myself there as soon as was possible.


“What happened to Angel?” I questioned anxiously.

“Nothing to panic about, just make sure you come before we break up for the day.”

Of course, I panicked. This had to do with my daughter and I was worried sick about her. I immediately excused myself from work and hurriedly took the first transport available. I burst into the classroom panting and sweating.

“Mama Angel,” The teacher started. “We will talk about this privately.” She led the way to an empty office and I followed meekly.

“Do you see your child off when she comes to school?” Was her first question.

I didn’t know where this was leading to, so I just replied with a short “Yes.”

“What time does she leave home?”

“She gets picked up a bit early because I have to rush to work. So around 7:00 to 7:15 a.m.

“How does she behave then?”

“She behaves normally.”

“I want you to brace yourself with what I’m about to tell you. Are you ready?”

Did I have a choice? I just nodded.

“Angel arrives here around 8:30 every day,” she started calmly. “For some time, she has been coming to school in tears every morning. First I thought it was because she didn’t want to come to school. Several times I asked her what the matter was but she didn’t give me a reply. Today when she arrived she was crying as usual so I took her aside, gave her some sweets and promised her some more tomorrow. Then I asked her in a very friendly tone why she cries every day and the answer shocked me.”

She took a breath while looking at me and the anxiety almost killed me. “Mama Angel,” she continued with caution. “The okada'  man has been r3ping your daughter every morning for some time now.” “What!” I almost fainted. I surely would have fallen if I had been standing. For God’s sake, Angel was only six! How heartless can some men be?

“Every day after picking her and before coming here, he would take Angel to his house, rape her and threaten to kill her if she ever tried to tell anyone. Then he’d bring her to school.”

I felt dizzy. Why? Why my little Angel? I was sweating. My whole body was shaking. “Should I call your husband?”


“No!” I shouted. He might do anything. Patience was something alien to him. I had to find a way of breaking the news to him. After a while, I decided to call his sister. Together we could try to talk to him. The news shattered my husband. He cried uncontrollably. Then he got so furious that he swore he would strangle him, but we told him not to take matters into his own hands and just leave the law to do its work. We reported the matter to the police. We gave them the details of the body man. They caught them and took him in. We took Angel to the hospital after getting a p3 form from the police.

He was found guilty of r3ping our little girl multiple times and was sentenced to a twenty-year jail term.

My call to all parents:

No one should be trusted by our girls. Take time to drop your kids at school, be friendly with them, teach them to be polite but never to trust strangers, ask them about their day and always make them trust you enough to open up in case of any unusual incident.

King Promise is set to release another hit

George Bortey Newman, known in showbiz as King Promise is a Ghanaian highlife, afrobeat, and songwriter.

King Promise broke through the music industry in 2018 with his single featuring Sarkodie titled "double trouble". Some tunes from him include "baby I'm jealous" "commando" "Sisa" "Yeah" "Selfish" and so much more.



The artist's impact got him a huge number of followers always cherishing his melodious and lyrically organized music.

His aim to reach the world or climb international ladders has always kept him on the move featuring and jamming with Superstars like Davido, Wizkid, R2bees, Burna boy.

This afternoon he took to his official Facebook page to announce the release of another single with the caption " I think I'm ready".

Giving a warm-up to fans and music lovers around the world.

The date and time for the release according to him will be announced soon.

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Gyakie is a total replica of Ebony with a different style - social media

 Jackeline Acheampong known professionally as  Gyakie is Ghanaian Afrobeat and afro-fusion singer. She has been in the industry for a while, in 2019 she released her first single titled  "Never Like this".


Gyake has taken the industry by storm with the remix of her latest single titled "Forever featuring Nigerians Omalley. Her influence on many is surprising but it's all because she has gotten the right management team to help her focus.

Her song "Forever" is currently number 3 on the American billboard charts a record yet to be broken.

Gyakie is a total replica of Ebony with a different style. She’s here to conquer She needs to be protected. She is the real definition of talent and beauty. Talent overhype!


Now Gyakie wants to past Ed Sheeran and Tatiana manaois when it come to singing a love song. And her voice is like ginger

Is Gyakie here to stay or it's gonna be a one-night wonder? We hope not. The influence of male musicians in the industry is too much, we need new faces. Gyakie, Yaw Tog, and Amerado are the current crop of artists holding Ghana music 

Nana Aba looking alluring in latest picture (Picture below)

Nana Aba Anamoah is a Ghanaian media personality who works for GHONE TV as a talk show host.


Her passion and drive to reach the world with authentic news cannot be disputed, a heart of gold and always going after the drunkards and less privileged in deprive areas with her shows in Ghana.

Nana Aba looking alluring in latest picture (Picture below)

Nana Aba just like other female Ghanaian celebrities loves taking and posting pictures to "Woaw" fans and followers at large.

Nana Aba looking alluring in latest picture (Picture below)

This evening she took to her official Twitter account to post a picture wearing a long sleeve shirt as she gazes into the camera with her mirror in front. Wearing a Rosary indicating she's a Catholic girl with dimples.


Aba seemed to be concerned about her followers on Twitter when she captioned the picture "What are you doing tonight"?

Well, catch Nana Aba live on GHone Tv every Monday to Friday.

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