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October 2021

Born, Michael Owusu Addo is a popular Ghanaian rapper, singer, and Entrepreneur. Sarkodie is one of the most hardworking artists to ever emerge in the history of Ghana or African music at large.

He solely filled stadiums, Arena's with no record label or team behind him, astonishing right, I know!

His demeanor has earned him a lot of respect from fans and colleague musicians in the country. His song "Azonto" probably prowled him to fame.


The rapper earlier today was in an interview with Ghana's rising Twitter "Kingkong" KaljaySpace. To talk about music, life and entertainment, and the arts industry in Ghana.

He emphasized certain points that I think are worth sharing with my readers as well. Below were a few.

" I was probably the first guy to have 24 hours camera capturing and shaping my narratives. As an artist, you have to have someone documenting your career and life so you can share with your fans at some point in your career"

Talking about how hate speech gets to him, he said. Everything that is going to happen is going to happen regardless. When people talk about things they knew it gets to him but he thinks he has to push and move on, in other words, to live above the noise because everything that will happen has to be about him putting in the effort.

Music is an inspiration and Sarkodie happened to be a perfect example, he said, he started writing whenever he was going through things and it started as a passion and later on move into business.

Sarkodie has been doing music for 11 years now and he realized different highs because he has never smoked before and what makes him go high is his friends, fans, and family hearing his music and having to it.

The rapper has just released his album titled "No pressure" it's super dope. I hope you have taken some words of encouragement from the rapper.

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Love is kind, love is sweet, in fact, it's one of the things that makes people do what they were never taught of doing. Pressure from friends and social stigmatization can lead people to act ill manner ways.

In this century, most people's lives are being ruled by the Internet, what they wear, eat, and the watch is no longer a secret, we term it the "Global Village"

Women proposing marriage to men has become a trend of late, as a woman all you need is a little bit of boldness and encouragement to confront and do the unimaginable, "unimaginable" relating to a woman taking that first step.

Girlfriends proposal turned down by boy

Twitter trends have been buzzing with a video of a fair young and beautiful lady at a party kneeling down to propose to her long-time boyfriend. The crowd presence, with joy and applauds, were expecting a "YES" from the guy, but, shame or whatever the reason might be, walked out on her.

The young lady's expression in the 27 seconds video, depicts disgrace, bitterness, disappointment and frustration. In fact as a guy or a lady reading this imagine what it would have been if this happened to you.

A lady has used the occasion to advise women never to propose because if a man is interested, he will do it himself.

Below are some social media reactions;

...."Obviously the woman did something wrong hence her proposal to close the guy"

"The man is uncivilized, you don't walk on a lady like that. At least hold her and lift her up if even you don't love her"

"We are not humans, how many women have turned down proposals, countless just one turn down from a guy has suddenly become the motivational word"

"This is why I don’t see this stuff. But also ill count every grain of sand in the ocean before I propose to a man"

"Man got high standards from the look of both ladies"

Whiles others propose this video to be fake, people think the woman did something wrong hence her proposal to close the guy.

What do you make of all this as a reader?

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