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A viral video of a man with his face turned backwards has driven social media users amazed.

 The question as to whether the viral video is a scam or not has been the topic of discussion. 

The video features a man fidgeting something in his hands like a phone or tablet.  The man seems to be busy with the phone,  but he was actually looking away from the phone. See Why People Claim it is false. 

There are two ladies who were walking briskly to a place. They could not realise the state of the man, until they got closer. Not all,

The surprise that was registered on their face  seems to be thoroughly rehearsed.  Well, they may be wrong, but what do you think?

Lastly,  the face of the oppositely turned man does not look natural.  In the video,  one can see him turning his face from one side to the other.  The face has never been turned downwards or backwards. 

Although it was just a short video,  it is worthy of note that if it were to be real, the face or neck could have burnt a little lower or higher.  All the same, it is simply a matter of what is actually happening.  Maybe,  that is how he is after all.


Flood Consumes Fuveme with Tidal Waves

The village of Fuveme and its inhabitants are likely to become history if care is not taken. The anger of the sea is being unleashed on them for some time now. 

Fuveme is a coastal village located in the Anloga District, which was formally part of the Keta District. For some time now,  natives of this village have been experiencing tidal wave strikes.  Other villages around this area are Dzaflagbe, Agorkedzi, and Atiteti.

What could be the cause of this? 

Sea defence works have been carried out at several places including locations closer to Fuveme and its environs. The first town to recall is the Keta township whose buildings were greatly demolished by the tidal waves before the sea defence project came to help. Where was Next?

The next locality was Akplorwotorkor who also received the sea defence project after many houses were vandalised by the sea.
Dzita is also a town close to Akplorwotorkor which is experiencing such strikes from tidal waves. 
What is the Deal with Fuveme Now?
Fuveme tidal waves destruction
It is noteworthy that the actual location called Fuveme that was once inhabited by people no longer exists. It is only the name that exists.  The well-constructed school building was demolished by the waves. 

What is Next?
The government needs to make a quick move and construct a sea defence for the remaining of the people before the tidal waves destroy everything. Nando's assistance if necessary is needed to help the populace.


Woman gave birth to ten children exposed

News of a woman that set a new Guinness Record after it was communicated that she was delivered of ten children has gone viral once again as it was later discovered that her babies were nowhere to be found.

In fact,  not only South Africa where she hails, but the whole world was anticipating to see the children. 

It was earlier on reported that the woman has been arrested by the police,  but many did not understand why the mother of ten would be arrested. 

It was claimed during the time that rumours of her arrest went viral that someone was trying to use her babies to make money. Of course, the husband and her in laws were the suspects. 

As the world waited to see the babies to no avail,  steps are taken to investigate her.

Lo and behold,  the new development is that she was never pregnant.  She only took opportunity of a journalist to set up being pregnant and subsequently giving birth.

As you can see, it is possible that the whole thing was staged. The husband is calling on people to stop donating to the kids.

What do you think of this.? Let us know as you comment.


My Son Cannot Stay In Ghana, The Heat Will Make His Hair Thin - Patapa (SCREENSHOT)

Justice Amoah is a Ghanaian rapper, highlife, songwriter who goes by the stage name "Patapa" his popularly known for his hit track "one corner"

Patapa has taken a U-turn by dumping his long-term Ghanaian girlfriend for a German woman, it was a lovely and lavish wedding attended by fans, Celebrities, and friends.

The artist in an interview revealed, his wife is not yet pregnant but will soon be and give birth to a bouncy baby boy called "Spininn" 

When asked if his wife will stay in Ghana with the child? He said "NO" because the heat will cause the child's hair to be thin.

"My wife cannot stay in Ghana. The heat will cause our child's hair to thin".

Patapa for you, will the bringing up of a child in Ghana cause his or her hair to be thin? Discuss.


Kwame Eugene Just Exposed Himself on Twitter (SCREENSHOT)

Eugene Kwame Marfo is a sensational Ghanaian Highlife and Afrobeat singer, songwriter, and producer who goes by the stage name, Kwame Eugene. 

He's signed onto the Lyx entertainment record label owned by Richie Mensah.

Kwame rose to stardom in 2018, with his hit track Angela.

Kwami Eugene, just exposed himself on Twitter after he posted a set of pictures with his range Rover behind him, with the caption "Tetelesta, it is finished", inside the range, Rover was a beautiful, fair lady's "thigh" that caught the attention of Ghanaians. 

Kwami Eugene and the lady wore pink, a perfect definition of couple goals. He's yet to reveal the identity of the lady.


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