Watch Videos as Tidal Waves Sweep Fuveme Once Again-Nadmo Required | JOB OPPs, SCHOLARS AND FUN -->

Watch Videos as Tidal Waves Sweep Fuveme Once Again-Nadmo Required

Tidal waves Sweep Fuveme and its Environs


Flood Consumes Fuveme with Tidal Waves

The village of Fuveme and its inhabitants are likely to become history if care is not taken. The anger of the sea is being unleashed on them for some time now. 

Fuveme is a coastal village located in the Anloga District, which was formally part of the Keta District. For some time now,  natives of this village have been experiencing tidal wave strikes.  Other villages around this area are Dzaflagbe, Agorkedzi, and Atiteti.

What could be the cause of this? 

Sea defence works have been carried out at several places including locations closer to Fuveme and its environs. The first town to recall is the Keta township whose buildings were greatly demolished by the tidal waves before the sea defence project came to help. Where was Next?

The next locality was Akplorwotorkor who also received the sea defence project after many houses were vandalised by the sea.
Dzita is also a town close to Akplorwotorkor which is experiencing such strikes from tidal waves. 
What is the Deal with Fuveme Now?
Fuveme tidal waves destruction
It is noteworthy that the actual location called Fuveme that was once inhabited by people no longer exists. It is only the name that exists.  The well-constructed school building was demolished by the waves. 

What is Next?
The government needs to make a quick move and construct a sea defence for the remaining of the people before the tidal waves destroy everything. Nando's assistance if necessary is needed to help the populace.


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