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Man With Face Turned Backwards Scares Ladies-How True


A viral video of a man with his face turned backwards has driven social media users amazed.

 The question as to whether the viral video is a scam or not has been the topic of discussion. 

The video features a man fidgeting something in his hands like a phone or tablet.  The man seems to be busy with the phone,  but he was actually looking away from the phone. See Why People Claim it is false. 

There are two ladies who were walking briskly to a place. They could not realise the state of the man, until they got closer. Not all,

The surprise that was registered on their face  seems to be thoroughly rehearsed.  Well, they may be wrong, but what do you think?

Lastly,  the face of the oppositely turned man does not look natural.  In the video,  one can see him turning his face from one side to the other.  The face has never been turned downwards or backwards. 

Although it was just a short video,  it is worthy of note that if it were to be real, the face or neck could have burnt a little lower or higher.  All the same, it is simply a matter of what is actually happening.  Maybe,  that is how he is after all.

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