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Mother of Ten Was Never Pregnant- See What Was in Her Belly


Woman gave birth to ten children exposed

News of a woman that set a new Guinness Record after it was communicated that she was delivered of ten children has gone viral once again as it was later discovered that her babies were nowhere to be found.

In fact,  not only South Africa where she hails, but the whole world was anticipating to see the children. 

It was earlier on reported that the woman has been arrested by the police,  but many did not understand why the mother of ten would be arrested. 

It was claimed during the time that rumours of her arrest went viral that someone was trying to use her babies to make money. Of course, the husband and her in laws were the suspects. 

As the world waited to see the babies to no avail,  steps are taken to investigate her.

Lo and behold,  the new development is that she was never pregnant.  She only took opportunity of a journalist to set up being pregnant and subsequently giving birth.

As you can see, it is possible that the whole thing was staged. The husband is calling on people to stop donating to the kids.

What do you think of this.? Let us know as you comment.

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