May 2021


This Was What Mr. Logic Did When People Say "Shatta Wale" Cannot Sing

Mr. Logic is an entertainment analyst, producer, singer writer, and Former dancehall artist. 

The outspoken analyst revealed how he encourages dancehall artist Shatta Wale to snub every ridicule from the public domain.

He ( Logic) on so many occasions boost his confidence by getting him access to presenters and talk show programs because they labeled him "untalented"

"When I was working with Shatta Wale, was told, on so many occasions, that Shatta doesn't know anything. Some people even refused to interview him. I still went ahead to encourage him. Today, Shatta is successful"

Shatta Wale, formerly, Bandana has arguably the largest fan base in Ghana.

 Frimpong Adu Samuel popularly know as Medikal is a Ghanaian hip/ hop rapper, he won the "best rapper award" at the recent Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA). p>

Medikal is a pr oud and outstanding member of "AMG" records, a label owned by Criss waddle.

Medikal in an interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, made some comments when he was asked if he endorses her wife Fella Makafui showing off flesh and going half naked on social media? He replied;

"Medikal: I do not get concerned when my wife shows flesh on social media"

Andydosty: "Really? Why?"

Medikal: "See no chop"

Medikal, allegedly dumped Sister Deborah for Fella Makafui, they are blessed with a baby girl called "Island"

Yemi Alade Trolled Davido, WizKid And Others For Getting Low Streams On Digital Platforms (SCREENSHOT)

Yemi Alade is a Nigerian Afrobeats and Afropop artist, she blew to stardom in the year 2018 with her single "Jonny".
Yemi Alade aside from her music career works as a pundit for a popular reality TV program, where she access, analyzes and criticizes emerging artists.

On her social media handle, Twitter to be precise, she educates her colleague musicians, rising and aspiring alike, to stop playlisting because it's not the heart and soul of hustle, but instead grow your audience or fans that don't depend upon DSP's favorites.

"Dear Artist (blown/Rising/aspiring) Playlisting is definitely a good way to get streams but it's NOT THE HEART AND SOUL OF YOUR HUSTLE! Grow your audience so you have a following that doesn't depend on any DSP's favorites!
A word is enough for the wise. but many are foolish"

Yemi Alade might be triggered by something in other to give out such vital information.

Yemi Alade Trolled Davido, WizKid And Others For Getting Low Streams On Digital Platforms (SCREENSHOT)

Sarkodie Congratulates The Mayor of Tema (SCREENSHOT)

Michael Owusu Addo known in showbiz as Sarkodie is a professional hip-hop rapper and entrepreneur.

On his official Twitter handle, congratulated the mayor of Tema, honorable Felix Mensah Nii Anang - La for his efforts to develop and make Tema a better place.

Sarkodie Wrote, " So yesterday I was driving and I saw this man, honorable Nii Felix Mensah Nii Anang - La "Mayor of Tema" had to park and say hi to him for all he's done and doing for my city "Tema" we appreciate honorable and pray you to continue with the good work. One thing I love is your love and passion for our city's development and with all of us, we will make sure you achieve. I'm for the restoration Agenda".
Most top-notch rappers in Ghana hail from Tema, from R2bees, Kwesi Arthur, and Yaw Tog just to mention a few.

Sarkodie did not specify any particular project to prove the efforts the mayor is doing to develop Tema or he's seeking a political favor.

My Former "Boss" Writes to Every Company To Dismiss Me Because I Was a Crock - Uncle Ebo Wyte

Uncle Ebo Wyte is a scriptwriter, stage performer, and CEO of Roverman production, a company that equips young talents to build upon their acting carer's.
Uncle Ebo Wyte is popular today, because of his well-drafted authentic script writings and stage performances.

Today he shared a story of how a man he had worked for sacked him because of false accusations, and how she continued to torment his life after seeking employment elsewhere, it's a story of grass to grace, from nothing to something.
"When I was dismissed from my job in 1991 under false charges, it was the auditor’s expertise and credibility that was used as the pretext for the dismissal.
This man from that point on hounded me. Any time he heard that I had been employed by a company, he wrote to the company to tell them to dismiss me because I was a crook. And each time, the company gave the letter to me to draft a reply for the manager to sign.

Then about 20 years after the dismissal, I was invited to be the special guest of honor at an event. Upon arrival, I was asked to wait briefly in the lobby for the other dignitaries so we move to the high table.
Then I saw this man arrive. When he saw me, he came to me and said, “Hey Ebo, what are you doing here?”
I said, “I am coming for this program.”
He said, “Well some of us received special invitations and they have reserved seats for us and so I am going to my reserved seat.”
And with that, he showed his invitation card to an usher and he was taken to a reserved seat on the front row.
Then the organizers came to me and said, “We are ready.”
We processed in a single file. There was the Executive Director of the organization; there was chairman for the function; there was a minister of state and there was me at the back with my hands behind me trying to contain my excitement at what effect this was going to have on this man.

And as we turned to walk in front of the front seats where he stood, I saw him smile and bow to each of the big men before me. Then he saw me and his mouth fell open and stayed that way till we all got to the high table. He is lucky there were no flies, he would have swallowed them all.
The Bible says, “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”
What are my enemies doing when I am at a banquet? They will not sit at the table with me. So what are they doing there? Answer: they are there to serve me!
Whenever someone moves against you, he brings himself under your power"

I know you are moved to change your mindset after reading this. You are not a failure, rejection should inspire to to do more.

rolanda rochelle pictures

Meet Rolanda Rochelle 53 years Old African, American whose pictures has set social media Ablaze (pictures)

Rolando Rochelle is a beautiful talented US actress. She was a luxury real estate agent in Atlanta, Georgia. She's a standup comedian and anti-pro aging ambassador.
Rolando Rochelle stands at a very high height of 5ft 8 inches. Her distinct features include her grey hair, light skin, brown eyes, and her wide grin.


Rolando Rochelle even at age 53 years still looks young, gorgeous, and energetic. According to her, the secret behind her young look is her diet which entails fresh vegetables, fruits of different nutrients, and also enjoys a good drink.
She has a very beautiful daughter but is not yet married. The Instagram sensational with her smile had been envied by her age mates.

She and her daughter has been the voice of the voiceless in America protesting for the freedom and right of a black woman. She's worth 9,000 00 US dollars.

rolanda rochelle pictures

rolanda rochelle

rolanda rochelle


rolanda rochelle pictures
If you like these rolando rochelle pictures,  let us know in the comments section 

See The Trick Wendy Shay Is Using To Promote Her "Shayning Star" Album (Screenshot)

Wendy Asiamah Addo, known by her stage name as Wendy Shay is a Ghanaian Afrobeats and Afropop singer.

The Rufftown records signee, today released her 10 music albums titled "Shayning Star" available on all digital platforms including Boomplay for download.

Wendy Shay tweeted, pleading with Agenda boys (Your lose, our priority) that after posting her "Shayning star" album, her Instagram account with over 2.3 million followers has been hacked.

"I just released the Shayning Star album and my Instagram account with 2.3 Million followers has been hacked. I need urgent help @instagram. Agenda Boys this time help your sister"
Some record labels are built on beefs and controversies and it's believed, she's doing all this to promote her album.

You Cannot Go To "Ho Poly" And Be Seeking Employment - Aku Akuffo (Screenshot)

Aku Sika Akuffo is an LSE-trained lawyer, he is a barrister of both Lincoln's in the United Kingdom (UK), and the Ghana Bar. Her dad is one of the bigwigs in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party. Mr. Steve Akuffo and her mother Jacqueline Akuffo also known as Maa Entrepreneur.

Aku Sika Akuffo is currently under heavy criticism on Twitter for degrading Ho Technical University's certificate. According to her, a young man secured employment over Ho Technical University graduate because he went to Cambridge university in Colombia.

Aku Sika wrote " People are hater in this Ghana, Like how are you angry that someone very qualified has been given that position? A young people at that! We should be celebrating.
Someone has gone to Cornell University and Cambridge University, worked there a$s off and you are angry that their hard work is paying off? If it makes you angry please go and do some let's clap for you.

We have ministers who speak and the entire nation cringes. Education is a valuable asset to People.
But let's pretend that a young man's Cambridge and Colombia Degrees were picked over your cousin's Ho Poly certificate because of elitism"
there are people in Ghana who are probably more hardworking than him but because they have a “Ho Poly certificate” they are not considered hardworking, this is the current state of the country "Elitism".

Before you underate Ho Poly, this is a very brief description. Ho Poly is now Ho Technical University (HTU) it's has been ranked among the top 10 tertiary institutions in Ghana, in the latest Web metrics ranking of world universities. The ranking for 2021 featured HTU at the 10th spot making it the second-best Technical University in the ranking.


Yaw Tog Sings Trash - Disappointed Dancehall Artist, Mr Logic

Yaw Tog is a young rising Ghanaian rapper from Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. He has been herald by fans and music lovers for his authentic lyrical bars.

His song "Sore" has received massive streams on all digital platforms across the globe, he performed at the 3Music Awards, a platform that catapults his career to another dimension.

Opinions are like noses and everyone is entitled he or her own, Mr. Logic, a showbiz analyst, today in the studios of Hitz FM described Yaw Tog as an overrated artist who does not merit the hypes and attention given to him, the artist who's yet to complete Senior High School does not have any talent, his lyrical contents are trash according to Mr. Logic.

"YAWTOG doesn't make any sense in his songs. It doesn't mean he is not talented. There is a difference in talent and making sense. Why do you think his mother is pushing him to go back to school? Through that, gradually he'll gain something from that"

Mr. Logic was a disappointed dancehall artist whose music career ended in tears due to reasons known to him.


These Beautiful Pictures of Ghanaian Actress Joselyn Dumas Will Make Your Day (Pictures)

Sensational Ghanaian actress, talk show host, and Humanitarian Joselyn Dumas has taken her celebrity tag to another dimension.

The actress dressed like a modern-day "Cinderella" waiting and praying for his prince charming to return from war without a hurt, with her ever bright light skin and pink lips reflecting the real image of a woman.

Joselyn Dumas dressed to impress, thanking God for her life and acknowledging him (God) as the only one who knows how her story is going to end.

She sets it as a target to be a winner and not a loser in everything she does.

"I don’t know. Only God knows where the story ends for me but I know where the story begins & it’s up to us to choose whether we win or lose and I choose, I choose to win. YOU"

These Beautiful Pictures of Ghanaian Actress Joselyn Dumas Will Make Your Day (Pictures)

  • These Beautiful Pictures of Ghanaian Actress Joselyn Dumas Will Make Your Day (Pictures)


We Can Pay Our Children's School Fees - Angry Parents

Following the government's successful implementation of Free SHS, the educational system has been burdened by a lot of challenges. 

A headmaster, today has pointed to some challenges confronting his school. Before free SHS students paid their fees, so you have something to run the school.  But now nothing comes and you have to run the school till something comes from Accra, and you can't close down the school

Since the SHS 1 students came, they (school)  have not received any money for them feeding, aside from that, the suppliers are not willing to bring the food items, and if they bring it they don't bring the exact thing, and if you reject it students will go hungry. This was a headmaster's dissatisfaction. 

Meanwhile, parents say paying school fees is a better option hence the need to reintroduce it because the amount they pay for an extra class is very huge.


At a Time The Mother Of The Woman I Wanted To Marry Told Me Not To Step Foot In Her House - Sonnie Badu recounts how God Took Him From Grass To Grace

Sonnie Badu is a professional Ghanaian gospel musician, Philanthropist, and entrepreneur, his  known for his popular music "Flood gate"

It's funny how people desire to be great like Sonnie Badu someday, with no knowledge about the challenges, difficulties he has to endure to be who he is today.

On his Facebook page, he shared a story of how he worked as a cleaner in London, clean universities whiles his age mates were studying. 

One thing kept him moving, "All things work together for his good because he loves God and has been called according to his purpose. Today his the CEO of 10 companies, a UN ambassador, and most importantly married with two beautiful children.

"I have worked as a cleaner in London before. I used to clean universities while my age mates were studying. I  have also worked as a burger flipper in  McDonald's. I have worked in Tescos, boots, Dixon's, jones bootmakers, and being homeless before. I wore one suit to church,  however, it never stopped me from loving God because I understood times and seasons. At a point, the mother of a young girl I wanted to marry in London told me never to step foot into their house simply because I had nothing to my name. I think she provoked something in me. Today by the grace of God, I am a CEO of almost 10 companies, with an honorary Doctorate, a UN ambassador with an honorary key to the city of Brooklyn, and author of 15 books, 3 smashing albums under my record, happily married to a beautiful queen and God has blessed me with 2 kids. So when I tell you don't give up, please hear me. You are next in line for God's breakthrough.  @ Houston, Texas"

Sonnie Badu currently pastors his Church in the United States of America (Houston Texas).


Beautiful Pictures of Osita Iheme "Pawpaw" Feeding his Child Sets Social Media Ablaze (Pictures)

Osita Iheme is a professional Nigerian Actor popularly known as "Pawpaw" He is noted for playing the role of Pawpaw in the movie "AKI NA UKWAI"  Dad and a Friend. His also an  Author and a producer. 

"Pawpaw's small stature made some doubt his actual age. He's happily married to a very beautiful woman. He shared a picture of him feeding his adorable daughter with the caption "As a parent, your number goal is to love your children and Strive hard to cater for them"

Indeed, it's a parent's dream to take good care, provide shelter, and lay a good foundation for his kids, Pawpaw's post proves his doing exactly that. 

He has been off the screen for some time now, but pressure from fans and lover's demanding a movie series made him, "Aki" and others working on an upcoming TV series pinned on top of his Twitter newsfeed accounts.

Beautiful Pictures of Osita Iheme "Pawpaw" Feeding his Child Sets Social Media Ablaze (Pictures)


Ask The gods to Provide You Food, You Are Hungry - Social Media Reacts to Priests Cursing Twene Jonas (Read more)

Twene Jonas is a US-based Ghanaian comedian and entrepreneur. He has established himself as the voice of the voiceless, pressuring government officials, Kings, and queens through social media platforms to help fix our roads, provide quality health care system and provide job opportunities.

His recent rant was on illegal mining popularly known as "galamsey" which is polluting our water bodies and destroying the beautiful nature God has given us. He descends on the Asantehene, chiefs, elders, and leaders of the Ashanti kingdom for not using his power to stop illegal mining. His words were so piercing that, the "Kukericans" rain curses, invoking gods to destroy his life through accidents, diseases. 

Below were some social media reactions

"The state of those in the video cursing Twene Jonas .. you can see that they are very hungry. Ask the gods to provide you food first"

"But as for me, I believe Jesus will intervene, nothing will happen to Twene Jonas"

"Yeah Twene Jonas went far by insulting Otumfour and the other chiefs  but was it necessary to pour libation and invoke curses such as death and  diseases without cure should infect him and whoever supported him"

"So a king (Asantehene) that could make a whole region sleep during the burial of his mother, can’t stop illegal mining in the same region? It’s Sunday, Twene Jonas is doing the lord’s work"

"Why don’t the Bechem Chief also curse the Chinese for spoiling our lands. No curse will work on Twene Jonas or anyone supporting him"


Forgive our Ancestors and Give us Leaders Who will Move This Continent Forward - Yvonne Nelson (SCREENSHOT)

Outspoken Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Yvonne Nelson is calling upon God from Heaven to help solve the challenges and difficulties in the country.

Yvonne Nelson, over the years, had been one of the strongest voices calling for change and even leading the popular "Dumsor" demonstration during Ex-President John Mahama's turned of office.

Citizens are calling upon the administration to provide them with high-paying jobs, a proper health care system, and help fix the roads which had been a major cause of accidents.

The actress is calling upon God to forgive the country of any wrong done by the ancestors and provide them with honest leaders who will move Africa forward without any "self-interest"

"Whatever we did wrong, God, please. Whatever our ancestors did wrong, please we are tired. Forgive us This wickedness must end! Change our hearts, give us honest leaders who will move this continent forward, please. Amen"

Above was the actress's plea to God.

What do you make of this?

Forgive our Ancestors and Give us Leaders Who will Move This Continent Forward - Yvonne Nelson (SCREENSHOT)


Yellow Month: All You Need To Know About Neonatal Jaundice Including Things You Should Do When Your Baby Becomes Yellow.

Neonatal Jaundice or neonatal hyperbilirubinemia is one of the common causes of hospital admission among babies. The month of May has been designated as Yellow month to create awareness on the condition, jaundice, and educate the public on it. 

What Is Neonatal Jaundice

Neonatal Jaundice is the yellowish color seen on a baby's skin, eyes, and mouth as a result of excess bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is a product that is formed from the breakdown of hemoglobin and is excreted by the liver. Types of Neonatal Jaundice

1. Physiological Jaundice: When the baby is in the womb, a lot of red blood cells are produced to aid in the transport of oxygen and nutrients to body tissues and organs. After delivery, the baby begins to adjust to the extrauterine life by destroying excess red blood cells leading to the release of excess bilirubin. Since the baby's liver is limited in excretion, bilirubin builds up in the blood resulting in jaundice. This type of jaundice is normal and dissipates on its own. 

2. Breastfeeding Jaundice: When mothers fail to meet the right amounts of breast milk required by babies, it may lead to jaundice.

3. Pathologic Jaundice: This means that there's an underlying condition that is causing the baby to be jaundiced. Conditions such as infection, excessive red blood cells, hemolytic disease, impaired liver function, and many more.

Causes of Neonatal Jaundice

1. Prematurity

2. Cold stress

3. Mother and baby blood incompatibility

4. Inadequate breastfeeding

5. Infection

6. Polycythemia

7. Liver problems

Treatment of Neonatal Jaundice

Not all neonatal jaundice require hospital admission but when you spot the yellow pigmentation in your baby's skin or eyes, you should report to the nearest hospital. The doctor will perform a test to see if your baby's jaundice requires breast milk as treatment or phototherapy which involves putting the baby under blue light with the eyes covered in a blindfold.


1. Seizures

2. Kernicterus which is brain damage due to excess bilirubin in the blood.

To avoid these complications, mothers should monitor their babies closely and report early at the nearby hospital for treatment and also continue to breastfeed the baby frequently and on-demand.

Do This To Find Out If You Are Overweight or Obese.

Overweight or obesity has been implicated in a lot of health conditions. A few of them include heart diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. Obesity means excess body fat which occurs when we take in more calories than the body uses in a day. Overweight has been known to be involved in deaths more than underweight. 

In today's society, a lot of people are living a sedentary lifestyle and eat or take in more calories than the body needs in a day. This is the genesis of obesity or overweight.

Due to the fact that obesity is implicated in a lot of diseases especially chronic diseases, it is important for everyone to be cautious of their weight. The question is how do you know if you are obese or overweight? The indicator that is used is called Body Mass Index (BMI) which is the ratio of weight to the square of the height. Mathematically, BMI = Weight in kilograms/(height in meters)².


In order to deduce your BMI, all you need is a weighing scale, a measuring tape fixed along with a straight vertical object, and a calculator. Hence, weigh yourself, check your height and calculate your BMI using the formulae above. 

This is how BMI is interpreted;

18.5 or below --underweight

18.5 to <25.0 -- “normal” weight

25.0 to <30.0 -- overweight

30.0 to <35.0 -- class 1 obesity

35.0 to <40.0 -- class 2 obesity.

If your BMI is more than 25 kg/m², then you are overweight or obese. Physical activities such as exercises and dietary modifications are required to revert your BMI to fall back to the normal range.

Twene Jonas B!asts "Asantehene" (Read more)

Twene Jonas is an outspoken U.S based Ghanaian comedian. The loudmouth as he's been referred to has sent some strong and sensible warnings to the king of Kumasi "Asantehene"

According to him, he's in a position to bring an end to "galamsey"  the illegal mining of gold that is destroying our water bodies, lands, and livelihoods. 

Twene Jonas has established himself as a straightforward and fearless man. And in Twene Jona's video message to the  "Asantehene", the insults were to the chiefs selling lands for 'galamsey"

Anytime Twene Jonas or anybody at all talks about the "Asantehene" the Ashantis always says nobody pays tax to their King so he’s not responsible for development in the region, If not development, what are the roles of their King? 

Twene Jonas has grounded himself as the voice of the voiceless who's not going to bow down until this country is fixed.


Sister Deborah and Kidi got the internet buzzing with these pictures (Pictures)

Sister Deborah and Kidi Music linked up.

Ghanaian Music duo Sister Deborah and Kidi Music looked awesome together. The picture which was shared by Sister Deborah the "Kakalika" love hitmaker on her official Twitter handle, got fans and music lovers thinking out loud.

They were both wearing black, hands around each other's waist with a broad smile on Kidi's face, it's not known the event that led to the taking of this particular picture.

Some believe they are working on a joint, yet to be released. The rise of Ghanaian musicians this year is amazing, mounting international ladders, raising the flag of Ghana high with powerful collaborations. 

By the way, what do you make up of Sister Deborah and Kidi's linkup?

Sister Deborah and Kidi got the internet buzzing with these pictures (Pictures)

I don't use my father's money for hype - Shatta Wale Trolled Davido (SCREENSHOT)

 Self Acclaimed Dancehall king of Ghana Charles Nii Armah Mensah, known in showbiz as Shatta Wale has taken a shot at Nigerians wonder boy, Davido. In an Instagram story, Davido posted a status showing gratitude for how far God has brought him through the thick and thin, he wrote "We started from the bottom, now we are here".

Shatta Wale, the controversial king replied  Davido by referring to his father (Governor of Nigeria) as the source of his income. He posted "I don't use my father's money for hype I use my own money to do my own real sh!t. Real hustlers are real money makers"

Some believe he only wants attention as always, but aside from that, Shatta Wale made Us know Davido in Ghana when he featured him on his song “Wine your waist" same, as he did for Burna boy on his “Hossana “hit song.

Shatta Wale's Senseless Music is Taking Him Far - Jon Benjamin

 Former Ambassador to Ghana, Jon Benjamin has once again congratulated and endorsed Charles Nii Armah Mensah known in showbiz as Shatta Wale for his international achievements. 

Jon Benjamin, a die-hard fan of the Shatta movement has sarcastically praised Shatta wale for going far despite his trash or senseless music in Ghana.

According to him "Patapa" has been doing the same but cannot cross the Togo border with his music.

His tweet below;

@shattawalegh - new bars for you for our next collab!

“Who that Patapaa?

Unknown outside Ghana 

Even less than "scopatumanaa"

He's  not going too far

Not the same league as Shatta Wale

Wale is  be pure fire "pa paa paaa”

Jon Benjamin, now the commissioner for Mexico cannot take his eyes off the daily happenings in Ghana.

I Made Kelvynboy a Star - Stonebwoy (Read more)

 Ghanaian top-notch dancehall musician and President of Bless his imperial majesty Livingstone Etsey Satekla known in showbiz as Stonebwoy in an interview today has shown maturity in answering a question concerning his former signee Kelvynboy music. 

According to him, he has exposed him to the international market by giving him stage to perform and show the world his craft.

"I helped kelvynboy music and I think I broke him to the world on the topmost level which I think he should be running with, which I think he is doing that's what really matters to me"

When asked how fake news or false rumors affects him, he says, he lost a deal because of fake bad news shared about him on the internet.


Kelvin Taylor is on People's Red List, He Will Never Walk Away...(Read more)

Ghanaian dancehall king Livingstone Etsey Satekla known in showbiz as Stonebwoy is set to hold a one year virtual concert for his album "Anlogah Junction" 

Anlogah junction was one of his greatest projects, with massive airplay and streams from all digital stores.

When the issue of Kelvin Taylor came up alleging that, he (Stonebwoy) sleeps with prostitutes when he comes abroad to perform, he said, Kelvin Taylor should retract his statement about him and his family.

"Kelvin Taylor should retract his statement about me and my family. We cannot watch him walk away freely with the statement. I leave him to the people who have him on their black and red lists"

On Kelvin Taylor coming to the virtual concert, " Kelvin Taylor should come but he should watch himself"


Ghana Beyond Aid: President Addo Acquired 17million to Establish a Development Bank, Citizens react.

The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo has acquired a total sum of 17million dollars to establish a development bank for the country. 

Citizens can recall how in December 2017, President Nana Addo publicly disagrees with French President Macron thus “Africa must get off the mindset of dependence. Ghana is beyond aid”. Fast forward to 2021, he joins other African leaders in France for an economic summit and aid. 

Nana Addo launched Ghana Beyond Aid with a big executive party but they’ve borrowed more than any other government.

No president in history of Ghana has bragged about self-reliance than Nana Addo, but ironically, no president has borrowed more than him. He collapsed banks here but went to borrow €170M to establish a bank.

Akwaboah Jnr Released "Cover" For His Upcoming Album. ( Read more)

Popular Ghanaian Highlife artist, songwriter,and producer Gladstorm Kwabena Akwaboah Jnr known by stage name as Akwaboah Jr has a special message for fans. 

Akwaboah is described as the musician who can sing your sorrows, worries, and depressions away. His passion for good music has earned him a huge number of followers in Ghana and around the world.

He's set to release an album titled "Lighthouse" it denotes the rebirth of good music and every track on the album, according to him is woven together with timeless chords.

Akwaboah's voice on an album is something fans can't wait to jam on.

"#TheLightHouse Signifies the rebirth of good music. Every song on this album is woven together with timeless chords...We will soon share this experience but for now, let me drop the Album cover"

He's yet to communicate the day, month, and year in which the album will be released but for now something is coming!

The things this beautiful South African lady desires in a man will shock you (Read more)

A beautiful South Africa lady by the Xose has been trending on Twitter for communicating what she desires in a relationship. According to her, Communication is everything. A good relationship is built on communication as you engage with your partner, expressing yourself you build trust which is very difficult to find today.

Communication is important in all relationships. Even at home when you go somewhere, normalize telling your family where you going, so that if something happens to you, at least they can know where to start looking for you.

"For me, communication is everything in a relationship.

I don't want to assume you are home, I never want to assume you woke up...

Text me, call me Babe. After going out with your friends, get home and text "hi babe I'm home safe"

She doesn't want to assume you are home just a text or a call can make somebody fall deeply in love with you. Always remember that it's the little things that matters the most. 


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