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So Sad-We Need to Learn From This-Pastor Dies After Fasting

The pastor’s corpse was carried away by state officials. The photo or image is retrieved from Facebook in a bid to trace the story.
Pastor dies while fasting

A South African pastor who was accused of an attempt to beat God, learned the hard way not to “beat God,” as he lost his life due to malnutrition after trying to breach the number of days that Jesus of Nazareth fasted for 40 days and 40 nights. This is sad news, however; certain clues can be taken from the situation to mold our view and thinking about fasting.
Alfred Ndlovu is believed to be forty-four years of age has decided to embark on dry fasting, which lasted for 30 days. Dry fasting is one in which an individual decides to take in neither water nor food in order to dedicate his time and commune with God. The sad news was first brought to light by a NigeriaToday report.
Many are amazed as to why the renowned cleric should attempt not just to be in the presence of God, but to have a notion of breaking a record that he has assumed to be set. According to the bible, the forty days and forty nights fasting that was embarked on by the Messiah was not a kind of Olympic record that was set to be broken by anyone that seems competent to. In a determined bid to break the record, the cleric left home for a nearby bush to spend his days in prayer, much like the Messiah did. 
His relocation was reportedly an attempt to focus his attention on God and to distance himself from material things. This is the normal way for believers to focus primarily on the things of God, since they may be distracted if they decide to live a normal life among the populace. This decision is not a bad one since it is necessary for his mission to be completed.
Little does the cleric know that things would not go as planned since his main intention was simply to break an assumed record. It is worthy of note that scientists have discovered that the human body is made up of seventy percent water. This suggests that the body needs a lot of water to survive, and without it, the unfortunate can happen. After a month of abstinence, the pastor’s unresponsive body was discovered in the wilderness by a hunter, who then alerted the local police. 
Ndlovu’s death has surprised many as he was known by his family and the community as a very spiritual person whose faith could move mountains. This was confirmed by some of his close relatives as one of them related that, “He was a very spiritual man. It’s unfortunate he had to die this way. After a month, we got the sad news of his death”. Possibly, the community could have been waiting for him to return so that they could see a mighty transformation, not only in his life but the community as a whole. 
Before retiring to the mountain, the pastor boasted to his members that he would break Jesus’ record, the report alleges. Many of his regular churchgoers believed that he could achieve the feat as he always displayed youthful exuberance beyond his age. They have attested to the fact that the pastor always exhibits youthful exuberance that was beyond his age. “Pastor was a healthy and religious old man who did not even look his age,” his close relative recalled.
Prior to his untimely passing, Ndlovu had no history of medical illness. What could actually be the course of his death is a mystery to many who believe that the cause of death should not be mainly based on fasting. 
It is recommended that one should take a dewormer before embarking on fasting. The dewormer can be taken, and a time-lapse of at least three days or at most one-week interval should be given before fasting should commerce.
It is also necessary to take in a lot of water while fasting since it helps to prevent dehydration. Most people recommend coconut water aside from natural water. Acidic fruits such as oranges and pineapples must be avoided during fasting. Fasting is not a competition and no one is supposed to see it as such. God needs us all alive, and so we need to do what is required to protect our bodies.

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