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A look back at Memories of Politicians that got beaten or has ever beaten an Individual in Public

It is the wish of most individuals to spearhead Positions.  They are eager to be recognized at certain levels of authority mostly not for the fame, but also for the service that they can render to society. 

Most a times, these Positions have certain conditions attached to them. Generally,  we look only at the wealth,  Authority and influence that one could have at those positions. 

Unfortunately,  those Positions come with certain dangers. If the people in those positions are not privy to the dangers involved in those positions,  they fall victims. 

On the other hand those who occupy those positions tend to be brutal because of the authority involved in those Positions. 

Today, BLEWUTV is glad to present to you certain presidents that have ever meted out assault or are being assaulted according to public perception and the facts. 

You would see VIDEOS as proof of what actually happened in their lives soon.


Jerry John Rawlings and Kow Arkaah

The first personality is the late former president of the Republic of Ghana called Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings.  He was a military man, but a loving father to his family and the country. 

Jerry Rawlings according to public perception was known to have ever slapped a man, who was his Vice called Arkaah. There are so many rumours about this.  Some people said Rawlings slapped him in public. But what is the fact.

The fact about this story as presented by the Former First Lady,  Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is that her husband,  Jerry simply place his hand over his shoulder and asked him to leave. 

Unfortunately,  Arkaah fell off his seat and he came out to say he was assaulted.  Many believed him knowing that Rawlings was a militant. 

Also, Politician Kwamena Ahwoi recalls that Rawlings never assaulted him. He said that there was about to be a struggle and they both fell to the ground,  but were quickly parted. 


Kwamena Ahwoi


President Macron of France

The second individual is the President of France.  He is in the person of Macron.  Macron was not a violent man, but he had violence meted out to him.

 He was once slapped by a member of a group for no apparent reason. The only reason that the one who assaulted him could give was the fact that he was shaking hands against the COVID 19 rules.



The third individual is the president of Guinea Bissau.  Rumour had it on a video spreading on social media that the president of Guinea Bissau was Beating up his Minister. 

The assumed minister was running away from him but he chased him with the blow. Before the VIDEO ends, he was not near the Minister. But what is the fact of this matter. 

In the research conducted by BLEWUTV,  there was absolutely no evidence that it was the president of Guinea that was fighting with the other person in suit. The presidency of Guinea never reacted and so, we can say it is simply a viral social media post. 

The links to the videos are here, we encourage that you bookmark this page so that you can return to it after you have watched any. The links would open in a new window. 

 President Macron got slapped by a citizen in this VIDEO

Guinea President beats up his Minister in this VIDEO

VIDEO of Guinea President that beats up Minister 

Whether or not Rawlings beat up Arkaah is written in this VIDEO. 

Ten Presidents that were Assaulted in live VIDEO 

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