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Between Jay Z, Will Smith and Ophrah Winfrey, Who is More Generous

Ophrah Winfrey, Jay Z and Will Smith are so generous. Compare their generosity and see who is best in this article. Click to Read

Jay Z, Will Smith, and Ophrah Winfrey are outstanding celebrities that have gained much recognition,  not only in the United States of America but in the world at large. 

We have done our best to bring out some of the generous acts of these celebrities and present them to you with some VIDEO proofs. The videos may not present all their generous acts, but we can read those that we cannot see.

Also, do not forget that by reading this article,  you are helping us not only to appreciate the generous acts of these individuals in order to inspire others to do the same, but you are also helping us to support some orphanages that need just a token of our pennies to survive. 

Generosity is a virtue that is attained by programming one's mind and heart to succeed.
Between Jay Z, Will Smith and Ophrah Winfrey, Who is More Generous

These celebrities have been generous in undertaking projects that they believe would help make the lives of others better.

 It is good not to only look at oneself when you wish the world to be a better place for everyone to live in and enjoy. 

Today, we would take a look at some of the charity works done by these celebrities and you would be the judge as to which you believe is the most generous. 

In as much as we are talking about judging their generosity,  let us take note of the fact that they have done well with respect to helping people and they all deserve our thanksgiving. 

Jay Z is generous in the fact that he loves to help organizations, clubs, and the efforts of people. 

It was reported that Jay Z once supported the Spring Hill Campaign.  It was meant to help empower Adolescents and University students.

Also, he has raised over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for an organization called play pumps international. 
Check out some images of Jay Z below.
Jay Z and Beyonce

Video of Jay Z speaking on what motivates him to give is below. 

The second famous stars to look at is Will and Jada Smith. They have focused on helping families and they own an organization. 

The organization is called the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation and they have helped organizations in the education,  family, and social empowerment industry. 

It was reported that they have helped many people in their hometowns of Philadelphia and Baltimore. They have been reported to have donated millions,  quietly to people. 
Take a look at the images of Will and Jada below. 
Will Smith and wife

Video of charity work by Will and Jada Smith 

The third famous personality to look at is Ophrah Winfrey. Ophrah Winfrey is widely respected as one of the most generous people. 

She is the head of a talk show that has attracted a lot of people from far and near. She has given away many giveaways on her show. 

It was reported that she has donated a lot of money to causes that interest her. Reports have it that she has donated about ten million United States dollars to hurricane Katrina and her efforts. 
She has also been reported to have donated about fifty thousand dollars in 2007 to support the education and health benefits of women and children. 

Ophrah Winfrey's philanthropy has grown to the point that in 2009, a magazine called the people's magazine has published her endeavors. 

The magazine reported that the Ophrah Winfrey Foundation has donated about forty million United States dollars in support of the health and education needs of women and children. 
Take a look at some of her pictures and video of Ophrah Winfrey giving out to people below. 

Ophrah Wnfrey cuts sod


Watch the VIDEO of Ophrah Winfrey below. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.  We would be glad to know your thoughts. 

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