July 2021

Valerie Obaze

Valerie Obaze is her name, and her husband is Stanley Obaze. They have three daughters according to sources at the time of this writing.  She is very industrious and caring. 

Meet the daughter of the first gentleman of the land, the head of state of the beloved country,  Ghana. Of course she is his daughter. 

Many wonder why she is not called Valerie Akuffo Addo like her other sisters that lavishly uses the name? Well, we are not all equal. 

Names represent power, authority,  fame and anything you may call, even death. In the case of this daughter,  as at now, and even in the future   for her and her children,  the name Akuffo Addo is a distinct name worthy to be used.

However,  she preferred for whatever reason to use the name Obaze. Yes! That may be because her husband is Obaze and he is rich by himself,  but has she ever used the name Akuffo Addo.?

One thing you may not have known is that she is an industrious woman by herself.  She owns brands such as Tiffany Amber, Chris Aire, Tebazile,  Grey Velvet, Gourmet HSE, and a night club called Chrome.

To top it all, Valerie owns a skincare company. She has confirmed in an interview that she had to learn about formulations, label requirements, the relevant certification and others in order to set up the company. 

She stated, “After using shea oil myself and seeing the amazing benefits it provided my skin, my daughter’s skin and my husband’s skin, I could see the great potential it had and knew that everyone 

else would love this ‘liquid gold’ (as some customers refer to it).” she had said concerning how she started this brand, in the interview and such a VIDEO is BELOW. 

Her firm picked up awards at the 2019 Glitz Style Awards held at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra, where Valerie’s R&R Luxury beauty product was adjudged the “Indigenous Beauty Brand of The Year.” 

This is the VIDEO in which she reveals all about herself. 

John Mahama and Lordina Mahama has been married for some years now. It has been twenty nine years.

John Mahama took to social media to congratulate her for being there for him as a wife should. 

Take a look at the post that he has posted concerning the wife. 


John Mahama revealed that his wife has been caring,  loving, supportive and a truly loving mother. In fact, after twenty nine years of marriage,  it is by the grace of God that they are still living in peace.

The wife of the vice president, Samira Bawumia could not hide her feelings, but Congratulate them, wishing them happy days ahead. They truly deserve that wish once they have been able to stand by each other all these years. Let us take a look at their old photos. 

We cannot tell from which time that this picture was taken, but it seems to be a long time. The former president can be seen putting his hands on the shoulders of the wife as is commonly done by most couples. 

We wish the couples a very blissful life as they raise their children in the fear of God. The VIDEO of the Anniversary Celebration can be seen HERE 




Herbert Mensah

``A father left 17 ducks as asset for his Three Sons.

When the Father passed away, his sons opened up the will.

The Will of the Father stated that the Eldest son should get Half of 17 ducks,

The Middle Son should be given 1/3rd of 17 ducks,

Youngest Son should be given 1/9th of the 17 ducks.

As it is not possible to divide 17 into half or 17 by 3 or 17 by 9, the sons started to fight with each other.

So, they decided to go to a wise man who lives in a cave.

The wise man listened patiently about the Will. The wise man, after giving this thought, brought one duck of his own & added the same to 17. That increased the total to 18 ducks.

Now, he started reading the deceased father’s will.

Half of 18 = 9.

So he gave 9 ducks

to the eldest son.

1/3rd of 18 = 6.

So he gave 6 ducks

to the middle son.

1/9th of 18 = 2.

So he gave 2 ducks

to the youngest son.

Now add this up :

9 + 6 + 2 = 17 &

This leaves 1 duck

which the wise man took back.

MORAL : The attitude of negotiation & problem solving is to find the 18th duck i.e. the common ground. Once a person is able to find the common ground, the issue is resolved. It is difficult at times.

However, to reach a solution, the first step is to believe that there is a solution. If we think that there is no solution, we won’t be able to reach any.

A very interesting management lesson.

An interesting management / problem solving strategy 😊

Courtesy - Armiyao

 Many have heard and known about the son and daughters of the late Jerry John Rawlings,  but few know about his Granddaughters. 

Today, BLEWUTV is privileged to bring to your attention one of the Granddaughters of Jerry John Rawlings who has been on the media for sometime now,  but has not been noticed that much.

We have tracked and picked a VIDEO of her 11th birthday celebration.  She is in the person of Zethe Mensah.  Check out this picture footage before the actual video. 


Granddaughter of J.J Rawlings
This was a symbol,  possibly made of rubber, placed on the wall to tell the age of the child as at the time of the celebration.  She was eleven years old at the time, and that is what we can see. Zethe was directly written on the wall. It is such a beautiful artistic work.

Granddaughter of J.J Rawlings party

Zethe is in the company of her friends as they danced on the stage. She has actually been dancing for sometime now. She is on stage as her friends come and go. 
Granddaughter of J.J Rawlings party

Some of the friends of Zeus at the party are looking on as others dance majestically on stage. Probably,  they may also join later on, but all they need to do now is watch. 
Granddaughter of J.J Rawlings party

Granddaughter of J.J Rawlings party

Granddaughter of J.J Rawlings party

Granddaughter of J.J Rawlings party

Granddaughter of J.J Rawlings party

Zethe in a dance duo with a friend at her party.  The dance moves have been rehearsed and beautifully performed before their friends.  It shows what great skills that children can display even as they are young. 
Granddaughter of J.J Rawlings party

These are the birthday picture footages.  Now, let us get into the videos.

This is the first video of the preparations that were taking place before the grand birthday.  The decorations alone would shock you.  It is a beauty to behold.  The link would open in a new window.  You can come back to open the second link. This is the VIDEO

This is the second video.  It shows everything that went on at the party.  It was a glorious party with many children in attendance. Check out the VIDEO HERE.

Now, I know that you might have heard about the last moment video of Rawlings at the hospital. There was a lady taking those videos.  Who was she? That is for you to guess.  You cannot let go of the fact that she must be close enough to be with him at that particular time in that critical condition. 

Last moment Hospital video HERE




Your smartness is your survival. Many of us have heard these words.  What does the word smart mean then. 

According to the Oxford Dictionary,  it relates to an individual exhibiting social ability or cleverness. 

In other words,  the individual must be bright or wise in intellectual reasoning and solving of problems. 

We have come across some pictures of the former president of Ghana and the current president,  feel free to check the pictures and tell us who in your opinion is Smart. 


Nana Addo Boxing in Childhood Photo


Above are the pictures of the president of the Republic of Ghana.  In the very first picture   you can see how eager he was to box away any evil that might possibly come his way.
That could show that he is smart enough to beat any challenge that might come his way. But do not take our word for it.
BELOW is a VIDEO of the Old Days of the President. 

Let us take a look at the pictures of John Mahama. 

These pictures of John Mahama seems to tell how reserved he is. He seems to be calm, but we cannot say his calmness is an excuse for him not being smart. Most smart people are very calm.

Now, take your time and tell us who you think is Smarter. 

 Social Media Users seem not to be fed up with the debate that went on between Sam George and the United Kingdom's politician, Seb.

The politician wishes to sensitive Sam George on the issue of love, hate, and colonial mindset.

Sam George was quick to draw his attention to the fact that polygamy that was criminalised in their part of the world is not an act that must be evil looked on like LGBTQ. 

Sam Georg questions how possible is it for someone to criminalise polygamy,  but accept LGBTQ. 

He stated lastly that the act can be allowed in his part of the world,  but not in Accra.

We present to you the full argument,  and the Reactions that followed suit.

Sam George Blasts uk politician
Sam George Blasts uk politician
This was the full debate. Sam George seem to have brought down his opponent. Check the fresh Reactions below. 

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and UK politicians Reactions

Sam George and his parents

 Sam George is a member of parliament of the Ningo Prampram Constituency.  He won the seat by just a slight margin and gave glory to God. 

The debate in parliament on the bill that was passed on the practice of LGBTQ in Ghana is hectic.  

Sam George stood out as one of the outstanding speakers,  not only on the floor of parliament,  but also on all social media platforms. 

Sam George has won series of debates on the topic.  He has defeated celebrities and even renowned international politicians from the United Kingdom. 

He has won the hearts of many in Ghana for his anti-LGBTQ campaign. 

The desk of BLEWUTV has therefore decided to make a background check on Sam George to see what could be the source of his prowess. 

We would bring out out observations to you in the images below. 

Sam George and parents

Not a majority could tell about the parents of Sam George,  but we have come across a rare picture that shows Sam George being carried as a baby.  

Check the laughter on the cheeks of little Sam George and compare it to that of his mother. Also, take a critical look on the glance on his father's face.  We would take those into consideration in our analysis. 

Sam George

Sam George
The smile on his lips as he speaks could be compared to his childhood smile.  We can say fir a fact that the smile is a trait from his mother. Women are very courageous and the courage of Sam George can be attested to that. 

When people speak out with smiles, it shows how certain and courageous they feel about whatever they say. The courage of the Member of parliament could not be just a mere thing. 

Sam George

Sam George

Sam George

Sam George

Now, take a look at the seriousness on his face. Can you see a big difference between this and that of his father?

Those who are serious as expressed in their eyes are said to be more focused.  His focus would let him do loads of research that would enable him to be sure of his debates. 

We can say for certain that his ability to win debates, even with international personalities could arise from his focus and dedication to duty.

Sam George dedicating his children to God

In this picture above,  Sam George and his wife can be seen dedicating their children to God with a Pastor that looks like Pastor Agyin Asare. 

We cannot be certain about the Pastor,  but the most important thing is that he is dedicating his children to God. 

This explains how serious he is with God and would not like to contradict the ways of the bible.  He is a staunch Christian and that can explain a lot of things. 

Do you think that these traits have a  bearing on Sam George's character and actions now? 

Do not forget to subscribe and share. Thanks for reading. 


2021 Academic Calendar

The academic calendar for the 2021 Senior High Schools and Senior Technical Schools have been released by the Ghana Education Service. 

Academic work is Vital for the development of the minds and skills of students in the various Senior High and Senior Technical schools in Ghana. 

The release of the academic calendar serves as a roadmap for academic activities. 

The school system has not been as it used to be in the past with the introduction of the double track system and the coming of the coronavirus. 

However,  educationists are making every effort to make EDUCATION in Ghana a success.

Check out the document below to see the academic roadmap of our Senior High schools and Senior High Technical schools. 

2021 Academic calendar

2021 Academic calendar

Academic Calendar


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