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Who is Smarter than the Other: Nana Akuffo Addo or John Mahama

Your smartness is your survival. Many of us have heard these words.  What does the word smart mean then. 

According to the Oxford Dictionary,  it relates to an individual exhibiting social ability or cleverness. 

In other words,  the individual must be bright or wise in intellectual reasoning and solving of problems. 

We have come across some pictures of the former president of Ghana and the current president,  feel free to check the pictures and tell us who in your opinion is Smart. 


Nana Addo Boxing in Childhood Photo


Above are the pictures of the president of the Republic of Ghana.  In the very first picture   you can see how eager he was to box away any evil that might possibly come his way.
That could show that he is smart enough to beat any challenge that might come his way. But do not take our word for it.
BELOW is a VIDEO of the Old Days of the President. 

Let us take a look at the pictures of John Mahama. 

These pictures of John Mahama seems to tell how reserved he is. He seems to be calm, but we cannot say his calmness is an excuse for him not being smart. Most smart people are very calm.

Now, take your time and tell us who you think is Smarter. 

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