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Stolen Maize Got Stuck on Thief's Head and he Did This to be Free

Thief reports himself to the police


It has come to the notice of that a thief has been trending today as he has reported himself to the police.  One would wonder why a thief would report himself to the police knowing the consequences involved. 

Traditional charm and magic has been reported to have been used negatively by many, and many have shorned its use. However,  it seems there are people who are still using this medicine secretly.  People call it charm, while others call it Juju. 

These traditional charms were believed to have been used by people to destroy people's lives over the years. This is because there are those who use it to cause havoc to their enemies or those they suspect. 

However,  in today's development, it can be noticed that the charm, (if it really was what is used), have been used to expose a wrongdoer instead of causing havoc to him.

Thief reports himself to the police

Many can recall that in earlier times, there were cases in which bees were chasing a thief around until he reported himself. SEE PICTURE BELOW 

Man followed by bees after stealing

Luckily for this thief,  the bees did not bite him.

In another scenario,  the motorcycle stolen by one man became a stone when he was riding it. Many believed that these were caused by traditional charm or Juju as it is commonly known. SEE PICTURES BELOW. 

Motorcycle turns to stone

You can only imagine the shock and the disgrace.

Well, a young man had no option, but turn himself over to the police after the sack of Maize he has stolen refused to drop from his shoulders. 

Thief surrender to the police

From information gathered by regarding the situation,  the man tried every effort to offload the stolen Maize, but he was unable to. 

As bearing the weight of the sack became unbearable to him, he surrendered himself to the police in the hope that he would find solace. 

Most people are of the view that he feared that the owners of the Maize would hurt him when he reports himself to them and for that matter,  he has decided to go to the police. 

The inmates in the cell could be seen peeping at him, as he suffers in pain under the heavy load. He has to sit down at a point and use his hands as support, but the Weight of the load can be seen bearing much on him.

Thief from Upper west region

Binduri thief surrender to the police

Investigations reveals that he is from a town called Binduri in the Upper East Region. As at now, no one knows whether he has been relieved or not. 

We pray that the owners of the Maize, if they are the ones that orchestrated whatever that got the Maize stuck on him, would be merciful to him and relieve him of the pain so that he can bear his sentence in prison. 

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