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Beautiful and Industrious Daughter of Akuffo Addo Pops Online

Valerie Obaze

Valerie Obaze is her name, and her husband is Stanley Obaze. They have three daughters according to sources at the time of this writing.  She is very industrious and caring. 

Meet the daughter of the first gentleman of the land, the head of state of the beloved country,  Ghana. Of course she is his daughter. 

Many wonder why she is not called Valerie Akuffo Addo like her other sisters that lavishly uses the name? Well, we are not all equal. 

Names represent power, authority,  fame and anything you may call, even death. In the case of this daughter,  as at now, and even in the future   for her and her children,  the name Akuffo Addo is a distinct name worthy to be used.

However,  she preferred for whatever reason to use the name Obaze. Yes! That may be because her husband is Obaze and he is rich by himself,  but has she ever used the name Akuffo Addo.?

One thing you may not have known is that she is an industrious woman by herself.  She owns brands such as Tiffany Amber, Chris Aire, Tebazile,  Grey Velvet, Gourmet HSE, and a night club called Chrome.

To top it all, Valerie owns a skincare company. She has confirmed in an interview that she had to learn about formulations, label requirements, the relevant certification and others in order to set up the company. 

She stated, “After using shea oil myself and seeing the amazing benefits it provided my skin, my daughter’s skin and my husband’s skin, I could see the great potential it had and knew that everyone 

else would love this ‘liquid gold’ (as some customers refer to it).” she had said concerning how she started this brand, in the interview and such a VIDEO is BELOW. 

Her firm picked up awards at the 2019 Glitz Style Awards held at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra, where Valerie’s R&R Luxury beauty product was adjudged the “Indigenous Beauty Brand of The Year.” 

This is the VIDEO in which she reveals all about herself. 

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