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Photos That Prove that Sam George Could Do What he Does Today

Sam George and his parents

 Sam George is a member of parliament of the Ningo Prampram Constituency.  He won the seat by just a slight margin and gave glory to God. 

The debate in parliament on the bill that was passed on the practice of LGBTQ in Ghana is hectic.  

Sam George stood out as one of the outstanding speakers,  not only on the floor of parliament,  but also on all social media platforms. 

Sam George has won series of debates on the topic.  He has defeated celebrities and even renowned international politicians from the United Kingdom. 

He has won the hearts of many in Ghana for his anti-LGBTQ campaign. 

The desk of BLEWUTV has therefore decided to make a background check on Sam George to see what could be the source of his prowess. 

We would bring out out observations to you in the images below. 

Sam George and parents

Not a majority could tell about the parents of Sam George,  but we have come across a rare picture that shows Sam George being carried as a baby.  

Check the laughter on the cheeks of little Sam George and compare it to that of his mother. Also, take a critical look on the glance on his father's face.  We would take those into consideration in our analysis. 

Sam George

Sam George
The smile on his lips as he speaks could be compared to his childhood smile.  We can say fir a fact that the smile is a trait from his mother. Women are very courageous and the courage of Sam George can be attested to that. 

When people speak out with smiles, it shows how certain and courageous they feel about whatever they say. The courage of the Member of parliament could not be just a mere thing. 

Sam George

Sam George

Sam George

Sam George

Now, take a look at the seriousness on his face. Can you see a big difference between this and that of his father?

Those who are serious as expressed in their eyes are said to be more focused.  His focus would let him do loads of research that would enable him to be sure of his debates. 

We can say for certain that his ability to win debates, even with international personalities could arise from his focus and dedication to duty.

Sam George dedicating his children to God

In this picture above,  Sam George and his wife can be seen dedicating their children to God with a Pastor that looks like Pastor Agyin Asare. 

We cannot be certain about the Pastor,  but the most important thing is that he is dedicating his children to God. 

This explains how serious he is with God and would not like to contradict the ways of the bible.  He is a staunch Christian and that can explain a lot of things. 

Do you think that these traits have a  bearing on Sam George's character and actions now? 

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