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Story Behind the Wedding Pictures of the Old Woman and the Young Man

Young man and Old man Wedding Pictures
This is a Wedding picture that went viral some time ago and many were quick to ridicule the young man and the old lady in the picture.

It is best to know the story behind issues before we criticize.  It is not only when people take a stance and produce a picture in a wedding gown does it mean they are married. 

Yes! So, you are asking,  does it mean they are not married? Before I present the video to you,  let me write you part of the story. 

As you can see in the picture,  the supposed couples are from China. And here is the story. 

Once upon a time,  the Chinese government laid a ban on couples giving birth to more than one children.  We all know about the increasing population in China right?

Couples tend to abandon their children for fear from the government.  However,  something amazing happened as God touched the heart of this beautiful old Woman that you can see in the picture. 

Well, you may be thinking: so, she nurtured him and he married her later right? Please WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW FOR THE FULL STORY 
We all criticize things that we do not understand,  but after we have understood it,  we get relieved and feel pity for our wrong judgement. 
This should not be the case with you.  Simply share this article so that others can be aware. 
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